September 24, 2023

White Day 2023

White Day 2023 – Valentine’s Week: Have you heard the term “Valentine’s Day Ego”? If you enjoy watching K-dramas and you like Asian dramas, you have a chance to be interested in the popular concept of “white day”. Although some believe that Valentine’s Day and White Day are used interchangeably, this is a myth, as the two days have different meanings in some Asian countries, mostly in East Asia. What is the real difference between these two days, let us explain in this article.

Difference Between Valentine’s Day and White Day What is Valentine’s Day? Every year February 14th is celebrated as Valentine’s Day all over the world. Valentine’s week begins on February 7, the eve of Valentine’s Day. Every day of the week, from Rose Day to Wish Day, Chocolate Day, Play Day, Promise Day, Kiss Day, Kiss Day and Last Day has a specific meaning and reason. This festive tradition originated in the West and is often associated with giving gifts such as flowers, chocolates or cards to a loved one to show love and affection. Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently in Korea and Japan, where women give chocolates to men as a symbol of their love.

White Day 2023

White Day 2023

What is a white day? The concept of white day first started in Japan and was later adopted in some East Asian countries. This day is a popular holiday and is much appreciated by married couples. In contrast, White Day is seen as a response to Valentine’s Day and it is common for men to return the love and affection shown by women on Valentine’s Day. The day was originally marketed as “Marshmallow Day,” but the term didn’t catch on, but the trend stuck. Today, men often give marshmallows or cakes made from them to their partners. White was chosen because it symbolizes purity and pure love. The day is celebrated a month after Valentine’s Day and is seen as a response to all the past actions of a woman. Season of Romance Although there are some similarities in expressing love and romance, there are cultural differences between the two Valentine’s Days. Although White Day has its roots in Japanese culture, Valentine’s Day is a Western holiday. Valentine’s Day is primarily for men to show their appreciation for the women in their lives, while Valentine’s Day is a day for men to celebrate their love.

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Valentine’s Day 2023 — Brix

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White Day 2023

This website uses cookies or similar technologies to improve your browsing experience and provide personalized recommendations. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our privacy policy and cookies policy. A month after Valentine’s Day, March 14th is officially celebrated as White Day. It is the second Valentine’s Day in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. On Valentine’s Day, people give gifts to show their love to others, while on White Day, gift recipients return the favor by giving gifts to their loved ones. Did you know that today you should give three gifts like you got on Valentine’s Day? Well, learn more about this unique love celebration!

We can’t define white day as a day after Valentine’s Day, it is a day when people give gifts to those who give gifts on Valentine’s Day, especially before that. Therefore, to fully understand this day, you need to understand the history of White Day and the culture of Japan.

White Day 2023

A White, White Day » Ciff

Valentine’s Day came to Japan in the 1930s and it is said that the first Valentine’s Day was celebrated in Japan in 1936. However, the festival was not popular or popular until the late 1960s. In Japan, this festival is celebrated because it is seen as an opportunity for girls to show their interest in boys. Japanese women today give expensive chocolates to men with whom they have a romantic relationship.

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Later in 1997, a small coffee shop in Fukuoka sold marshmallows to men to return the girls they liked on March 14, the month after Valentine’s Day. It was named “Marshmallow Day” in response to Valentine’s Day. Later, the store decided to change the name to “White Day”. This trend continued and today many companies in Japan sell marshmallows and white chocolate.

White Day 2023

This tradition has spread to many Asian countries, such as South Korea and China, and people buy chocolates, jewelry, underwear, and other things that women like. However, this day is not only about giving gifts to women. Today is the perfect day to return the favor to the person who received the gift on Valentine’s Day.

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A small pastry shop in Fukuoka sells marshmallows to couples on Valentine’s Day and calls it “Marshmallow Day”.

White Day 2023

It is called White Day because the color white is considered a symbol of purity and is associated with youthful love in Japanese culture.

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White Day 2023

First Looks // Nike Air Force 1

The Swooshes, who ditched their Air Force One Valentine’s Day effort for a more modest tribute, have begun releasing colorways on upcoming Air Jordan offerings. Contrasting the re-released Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG with its ‘Washed Pink’ suede overlay, a pair of bright reds envelop the tonal Air Jordan 1 Mid with love in the air.

Organized without reference to the holiday, like the heart-shaped cherry featured in the Valentine’s Day collection by Air Force 1, the school-independent team uses the silhouette’s classic color block; Choosing a white color to make a statement on its base, laces and midsole. The swooshes are combined with smooth leather surfaces in red along with the shoe cover and tongue to provide a low-key contrast. White heel markers contrast with a Jumpman pink header on the tongue, continuing the background color on the round tread.

White Day 2023

Available in school size for a retail price of $110. Official images of the Air Jordan 1 Mid “Pink/White” follow as we dig deeper into the release.

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White Day 2023

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