Watermelon Day 2023

Watermelon Day 2023 – Did you know that watermelon is 92% water? No wonder it’s refreshing! People have been digging this sweet and delicious fruit for thousands of years. And it began in ancient Egypt. Watermelon cultivation in the Nile Valley is said to have begun in the 2nd century BC. Watermelons were also found in King Tut’s tomb! On August 3rd, we celebrate this ancient berry with delicious treats. Also known as National Watermelon Day.

There’s nothing like a refreshing summer with fruit. It is celebrated on August 3rd as National Watermelon Day.

Watermelon Day 2023

Watermelon Day 2023

The sweet and refreshing water deserves its own day. Which is why we celebrate National Watermelon Day. Cultivation of the fruit began around 2000 BC. The first record of the harvest dates back to 5,000 years ago in Egypt. The melon plant and its seeds have been found in the sites of the 12th dynasty in Egypt, including King Tut’s tomb. Different types of watermelons also appear in ancient Egyptian texts.

Is Watermelon A Fruit Or Vegetable? Here’s Why

The delicious fruit we enjoy today is the result of thousands of years of cultivation. Sell ​​melons to traders crossing trade routes in Africa’s Kalahari Desert. Then watermelon cultivation spread to Africa. Watermelon’s ancestors originated in Africa. It later spread to Mediterranean countries and other parts of Europe. By the end of the 9th century, watermelon cultivation became common in China and other parts of Asia.

Watermelon Day 2023

According to the “American Dictionary of Food and Drink” by John Mariani, the word ‘watermelon’ first appeared in English dictionaries in 1615. Watermelon is often referred to as a melon. The outer part of the melon is dark green with yellow stripes or spots. There are more than 300 varieties of watermelons in America, ranging from red to white. and come in a variety of shapes and sizes

In the novel “The Tragedy of Puddenhead Wilson,” Mark Twain describes watermelons as “The same angel eats”

Watermelon Day 2023

Here’s How To Pick A Perfect Watermelon

Enjoy watermelons of all shapes, sizes and colors on National Watermelon Day. with a sweet and delicious taste These are the fruits of summer. No picnic is complete without watermelon. in his favorite field The watermelon-eating contest and the Hundred-Fruit Contest are traditional. Since 90% of water, smoothies, syrups, cocktails and other beverages are made from watermelon, these days and desserts have watermelon as the main ingredient in their preparation.

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Learning how to harvest watermelons is an art and a tradition. Many people use National Watermelon Day as an opportunity to teach themselves or others whether or not watermelon is ripe.

Watermelon Day 2023

Clean Up Your Massage Day Clove Syndrome Day India Pale Ale Day Makira-Ulawa Province Day National Big Forehead Day National Grab Some Nuts Day National IPA Day (India Pale Ale Beer) National Michael’s Day National Watermelon Day Pidgeyguity Day Something interesting. about watermelon that can For example, many people refer to watermelon as a fruit. In fact, watermelon is a gourd related to cucumbers, squash, and pumpkins, so it’s not really a fruit like other non-fruit golf.

Refreshing Facts About Watermelon

This is a refreshing and delicious dish that has become a summer staple. You’ll find melons in cooking, picnics and parties.

Watermelon Day 2023

The average American eats about 17 pounds of watermelon each year. This makes it the most consumed watermelon in the United States.

You may only find one or two varieties of watermelon at your local grocery store. There are about 300 varieties of melons in Mexico and the United States. However, only 50 are popular.44 watermelon-growing states The country’s top producers are Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia and Texas.

Watermelon Day 2023

National Watermelon Month July 2023

These substances are so named because they are about 92 percent water, that’s why they feel so refreshing. What most people buy is red inside. But there are also pink, white and yellow.

Watermelons come in all shapes and sizes. Some are very big. Greatest County Fair Awards.

Watermelon Day 2023

Chris Kent of Sevierville, Tennessee grows the world’s largest watermelon weighing 350.5 pounds. Approved October 4, 2013.

Watermelon Shark Recipe

We are the best budget One person can eat 12 people, the price per message is about 17 cents.

Watermelon Day 2023

You won’t be disappointed when you take your watermelon to the grocery store or farmer’s market. Although you can’t see the inside of the watermelon before you buy it. But there is a way to make the right choice.

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Buckwheat is a favorite of all Americans, especially in the summer. The Egyptians thought about food so much that watermelons were often placed in the tombs of the kings who fed them in the afterlife. During July, which is also National Watermelon Month. Nothing tastes better than a bowl of cold water. Watermelon. Sweet fruits have a unique flavor and aroma that will rejuvenate you from within. Cashews are one of the summer fruits due to their excellent nutritional value. Being 92% water, eating watermelon will help you stay clean. It also helps restore essential electrolytes in your body. The sweltering temperatures in July also left many with muscle cramps. One way to relieve pain is to eat watermelon. This delicious fruit can also use its flesh. Many cultures cook and cook to make salads and savory dishes.

Watermelon Day 2023

Benefits Of Watermelon: Your Skin Is In For A Refreshing Treat

National Watermelon Month began in 2007 when the Senate passed a resolution in the US Congress. This decision was accepted and designated July as the official Watermelon Month. Its purpose is to promote the production and sale of the fruit across the country. Today, watermelon is an important agricultural sector in the United States. Because it’s grown in 49 states and sold in 50 states, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, in 2006 alone, the United States produces 4,200,000,000 kilograms of milk! Now that’s a lot of watermelon, the National Watermelon Association, a member business. is another organization dedicated to positive change and growth in the industry. It has branches throughout the United States and Canada.

From the history of marketing and production We know that watermelon is popular among people. But did you know that watermelons went through a transformation and entered modern times? That’s right, the earliest records show that watermelons in ancient times were neither fleshy nor red like today’s watermelons. from the efforts of farmers The watermelon transformation has begun. If we have to start somewhere The earliest records indicate watermelons date back to around 2000 BC. probably in ancient Egypt In fact, some watermelons were found in King Tut’s tomb, eventually reaching the Middle East and Asia. Trade routes and growing civilizations and globalization introduced watermelons to China and India in the 7th century. It took another 10 centuries for watermelons to reach North, South and Central America. Watermelon fruit travels well around the world.

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Watermelon Day 2023

The first crop was grown in Florida when the slave trade brought it to America.

Three Tips To Pick Out A Sweet Watermelon

Eating watermelon will keep you hydrated. We also help you with muscle stiffness and pain. Reduce inflammation and oxidative stress and digestion

Watermelon Day 2023

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