September 24, 2023

Waitangi Day 2023

Waitangi Day 2023 – Waitangi Day is a public holiday commemorating the signing of New Zealand’s founding charter dating back to 6 February 1840. The day is celebrated across the country and celebrations offer many opportunities to discover the cultural heritage of the Māori people. representing the indigenous population of New Zealand. One of the best festivals takes place in the Māori Village of Whakarewarewa near the Rotorua geothermal area.

The most famous part of the ceremony is “Whakanuia” which means “to celebrate” or “to acknowledge”. Locals treat visitors to the best of Māori food, especially traditional kai(food), cooked in an underground oven called “hangi”, a dish made from sweet potatoes, native bush herbs and, of course, Māori wine. There you will hear many Maori stories and learn about Maori history, medicine, crafts and sports. Another place to celebrate Waitangi Day is Okahu Bay in Auckland. This includes a traditional greeting ceremony called “haka powhiri”. Spectators also watch a parade of traditional Maori boats called “wakas” enter Okahu Bay alongside more modern vessels.

Waitangi Day 2023

Waitangi Day 2023

Another general celebration is held in Wellington, the country’s capital. However, the emphasis is placed on the country’s cultural diversity rather than its original traditions. Attendees were entertained with a variety of food, arts and crafts Museums and TaongaTe Kōngahu Museum Te Rau Aroha Museum Citizenship feeTe Whare Rūnanga Treaty HouseFlagstaffWaka

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Waitangi Day 2023

New Zealand’s National Day. Every year on 6 February – Day – people from all communities and backgrounds gather to commemorate the signing of New Zealand’s first document: Te Tiriti o , the Treaty of , on 6 February 1840.

The day is recognized as New Zealand’s national day and is the most important landmark in our country’s history.

Waitangi Day 2023

We Are Closed On Monday 6th Feb 2023 For Waitangi Day.

The continued recognition of the Charter as the country’s founding document will continue to keep this celebration alive as the Charter continues as part of New Zealand’s past, present and future.

On February 6, the Convention Center closed its building for the day and the site became the site of the Day Festival. The free festival at the Treaty Grounds starts at 5am with a dawn service at Te Whare Rūnanga.

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Waitangi Day 2023

Entertainment throughout the day creates an exciting festival atmosphere, with performances on the Covenant Runway, at Te Korowai ō Maikuku and on the playground opposite the Covenant Runway. More than 150 market stalls offer a variety of arts and crafts, clothing and a variety of food. Children’s activities include bouncy castles, children’s racing cars and sports games.

Live@thewicko: Waitangi Day 2023

The day has been an important day in the New Zealand calendar since the first Treaty was signed in 1840. Flagpoles standing at the High Treaty Ground mark the location of the first Treaty signing by representatives of the British Empire and more than 40 dignitaries. (chiefs). ). on February 6, 1840.

Waitangi Day 2023

On February 5, 1840, a marquee was erected on the lawn in front of the house of an Englishman, James Busby. Captain William Hobson presented a proposal to the chiefs present to agree to British settlement in New Zealand. The meeting lasted the whole day, where the chief strongly discussed the proposal of the Agreement, while some leaders supported the Agreement and others were against it. Discussions continued that night across the River at what is now Te Tii Marae.

On 6 February the king returned to the palace in , where more than 40 people signed the Māori version of the document, now known as Te Tiriti o. By September 1840, more than 500 leaders from across New Zealand had signed the document.

Waitangi Day 2023

Waitangi Day 2030 In New Zealand

In 1932 Lord and Lady Bledisloe bought 506 hectares of the estate and gave it to the people of New Zealand. This property is entrusted to be managed by the National Trust Board, which is composed of representatives of all major regions and of various families connected with the Convention. This gift fulfills a promise that many Maori have been searching for for many years.

A special hui (gathering) was held at Te Tii Marae in February 1934 to celebrate the official handover of the Bledisloe land gift, and about 10,000 Maori from all over New Zealand were there to honor and celebrate the gift. This is the first official celebration of the Day.

Waitangi Day 2023

The application form to hold a stand at the Tractor Parks on the Day is available at the link below. It is now 183 years since what was the founding document of our country was first signed. Events are planned across the country to mark the anniversary.

The Speech Jacinda Needs To Give At Waitangi Day 2023

About 2000 people braved the changeable morning weather and gathered on the grounds of the Treaty of Waitangi for a dawn service outside Te Whare Rūnanga.

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Waitangi Day 2023

Governor General Dame Cindy Kiro and Premier Chris Hipkins sat on the terrace. Alongside them are Chief Justice Helen Winkelmann, Police Commissioner Andrew Coster, Chief of the Navy David Proctor, Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier and Waitangi Trust chairman Pita Tipene.

Local MP and new Minister of State Willow Jean Perdana is tasked with holding Dame Cindy’s umbrella.

Waitangi Day 2023

Waitangi Day — Gore Baptist Church

The silence before dawn is for the prayers of those who lead the worship at home – and the dawn sound of the tui. Even if from a dark place still comes the morning blast of the piper alone.

As overnight rain threatened to disrupt this morning’s service, the weather cleared and people began to arrive.

Waitangi Day 2023

“Perhaps the task of the church today is to pray for good weather,” said Bishop Te Kitohi Pikaahu, who led the service.

King Charles Sends Waitangi Day Message

Māori Anglican Bishop Tai Tokerau credited New Zealand’s first female Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley, who was in the crowd, for starting the dawn service in the 1990s.

Waitangi Day 2023

Former Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley was publicly recognized by the Bishop of Tai Tokerau Rt Rev’d Te Kitohi Pikaahu.

The Chair of the Waitangi National Managers, Pita Tipene, opened the service with a welcome speech and encouraged those present to think one hundred and two times ahead in the year 2040.

Waitangi Day 2023

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Te Runanga a iwi o Ngapuhi Phoebe Davis gave a powerful message to the crowd: “Keep before us the words at Waitangi that Maori and white people signed in 1840 to confirm their treaty.”

It is an important moment for Tepania, who made history last year as the first Māori mayor of the Far North and today celebrates her first Waitangi Dawn ceremony in the role.

Waitangi Day 2023

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins’ plea was short and simple – a call for greater knowledge and trust between people living in New Zealand, and unity.

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Shane Reti, speaking on behalf of national leader Christopher Luxon, joined in as he read a passage from the Book of Mormon that also encouraged unity. Barrister David Seymour prays for prosperity – although he will enjoy his power – and short speeches from politicians.

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Waitangi Day 2023

The prayer of Takanini Member of Parliament, Dr. Neru Leavasa in Samoan language commemorated those who lost their lives in the recent flood event as well as the bereaved families. There is a special prayer for today’s events in Waitangi and a call for the unity of all nations.

Admiral David Proctor thanked the people who made New Zealand their home and prayed that people “move together as one nation in our shared future”.

Waitangi Day 2023

Live Waitangi Day 2023: Political Leaders Call For A United Front At This Year’s Dawn Ceremony

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster’s plea reflects the hardships of the past few years and hopes for “restoration and recovery”.

One parent interrupted the service with offensive words. He was pulled over by police who moved to prevent the media from recording the video.

Waitangi Day 2023

Before the national anthem was brought out, he ordered the national anthem to be sung, the speaker on the stage advised to sing it later.

Ambassador’s Participation At The Waitangi Day 2023, New Zealand

The man was removed by security after stopping to speak in a move that disrupted the dawn celebrations.

Waitangi Day 2023

The man, who described himself as an 82-year-old retired serviceman, told them to take him out that he would “have” them if he was a young man.

The crowd burst into song to drown out his words, but even as those gathered chanted Whakaaria Mai, protests and shouts were still heard.

Waitangi Day 2023

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An acoustic guitar provided the only musical background to the voices of people inside and outside the marae as they, led by the Salvation Army, sang God Defend New Zealand.

And the end of the national anthem marks the end of the dawn celebrations of Waitangi Day 2023. Governor-General Dame Cindy Kiro, Premier Chris Hipkins and the Chief Justice went to the nui hall with other leaders, officials and congregations.

Waitangi Day 2023

Although they have attended several Anzac Day celebrations in the past, they said this was their first time.

Waitangi Day 2023 At Southport Sharks

Seven-year-old Amokura Apiata has attended every Waitangi Dawn ceremony since birth, apart from last year’s cancellation due to Covid.

Waitangi Day 2023

Speaking to the media after the event, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said he had discovered Waitangi Day

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