September 22, 2023

Philadelphia Labor Day Weekend 2023

Philadelphia Labor Day Weekend 2023 – Looking for fun and unique things to do over Labor Day weekend in Philadelphia? We have you covered.

MoAR is celebrating Labor Day weekend in Philadelphia with a variety of activities, and its children’s show is free admission from September 3-5. During the three days, visitors can learn about the Continental Army’s Alliance with France and Comte de Rochambeau’s March through Philadelphia in 1781. September 2, along the Yorktown route with costumed historians, search wheels, pop-up talks, activities manual, two museum guides and a new French audio tour.

Philadelphia Labor Day Weekend 2023

Philadelphia Labor Day Weekend 2023

This weekend is also the last chance for visitors to see Liberty: Don Troiani’s Revolutionary War Painting before it closes. The exhibition features 45 original paintings by the national historical artist known as Don Troiani and this is the first time they have been shown outside.

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In addition to the paintings, visitors to the exhibition will be able to see 40 items on display, from weapons, military equipment, clothing, manuscripts, and more, which are on loan from Troiani’s personal collection, museum collections, and more. other lenders. When viewed in chronological order, scrolling through the scenes from beginning to end creates an even better picture of some of the personal stories, tribulations and even triumphs of the people who lived in this historical period.

Philadelphia Labor Day Weekend 2023

From 6 p.m. On Sunday, September 4, Rivers Casino will host the Pier Party to celebrate Labor Day weekend in Philadelphia. According to the release, the event will feature live outdoor music from Rainere Martin’s The Ultimate Donna Summer Tribute along with food, entertainment and more. This free event for kids will feature games, face painting, balloon artists and free parking.

The casino will also host family-friendly games and activities throughout the day, such as a corn hole, giant pong, So 4 and Jenga games, face painting and on-site fan art features. For food and refreshments, the event will feature several local Philly food truck options including Smoke Break BBQ, Southern Seafood, Cousins​​​​Maine Lobster, Rita’s Italian Ice and more. The evening will end with fireworks at 9 pm. on the Delaware River – visitors can take a seat along the Riverwalk.

Philadelphia Labor Day Weekend 2023

They/femme, Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar, Philadelphia, January 15 2023

A new exhibition opens this weekend at Corridor Contemporary, a popular art gallery in Newtown. Deconstruct is the solo work of Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley, known for his realistic pencil and charcoal portraits of black people with complex feelings about the contemporary black experience.

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According to the release, the years of work in this exhibition showed the courage and tenacity of Nigerian youths. Amidst unemployment, poor governance, resources and roadblocks, the show focused on the political awareness and enthusiasm of the up and coming Nigerian youths.

Philadelphia Labor Day Weekend 2023

Together with Deconstruct, the new floor of the Philadelphia Exhibition will continue to be shown. Located on the second floor of the gallery, this exhibition is designed to showcase a diverse group of local Philadelphia artists, who reflect “the incredible effort, imagination and talent that exists everywhere in the Philadelphia art scene.”

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Philadelphians can see it when Deconstruct officially opens on Friday, September 2, with an opening party from 6 to 10 p.m. with complimentary beverages provided by Two Thieves Seltzer Co.

Philadelphia Labor Day Weekend 2023

The 50th Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival is in full swing September 2-4. Presented by Brandywine Friends of Old Time Music, the festival will feature Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, The Del McCoury Band, Michael Cleveland, Danny Paisley and more from the genre.

Founded by Bill Monroe and Ralph Stanley, this festival brings the best of Bluegrass, Old Time and traditional American music to the Salem County Fairgrounds in South Jersey, according to a release. For those interested, camping is an option in the campgrounds, as well as food and vendors. Named “2019 Event of the Year” by the International Bluegrass Music Association, patrons can purchase weekend and day tickets to the event.

Philadelphia Labor Day Weekend 2023

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Molly Given is a current affairs and sports reporter based in Philadelphia. His love of interesting stories and interviews is second only to his love of spicy margaritas. The last rush of summer is Labor Day. Yes, most of us have a day off, but this holiday causes mixed feelings. Although there are still 21 calendar days in summer, it’s time to get serious. School starts and the summer holidays seem to be over. So what’s behind Labor Day—and how did it earn its place as a federal holiday?

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The working day usually falls on the first Monday of September, ie from 1 September to 7 September. This year it is September 4 in the US and Canada. However, this is not the case in many countries – most of them celebrate May 1.

Philadelphia Labor Day Weekend 2023

Aren’t you working on weekends? Lunch breaks? paid leave? Eight hour days? Social Welfare? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can thank the unions and the US workforce for that. Years of hard work (and the legislation that supported it) have resulted in many important benefits that we enjoy working with today. On the first Monday of September, we celebrate Labor Day and reflect on the contributions of the American workforce to our country.

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There is controversy about how the Sabbath began. A chapter was created in 1882. in September with the Knights of Labor, the largest and one of the most important American labor organizations at the time. September 5 The New York Knights held an open air parade featuring many labor unions with the help of the New York Central Labor Union (CLU). CLU Secretary Matthew Maguire proposed a national Labor Day holiday on the first Monday of every September to commemorate this successful demonstration.

Philadelphia Labor Day Weekend 2023

In another version, Peter J. McGuire, Vice President of the American Federation of Labor, proposed Labor Day in September. McGuire is reported to have suggested in the spring of 1882 that the CLU organize a “general holiday for the working classes” which would begin with an organized trade union street parade and end with a picnic for local unions. McGuire suggested the first Monday in September as a perfect day for the work day because the weather is perfect at that time of year and it falls between the 4th of July. and Thanksgiving. Oregon was the first US state to declare it an official state holiday. In 1894, when the federal government declared the holiday a national holiday, 29 other states joined.

In 1886 On May 4, at a time when most American workers were working 18-hour or even 20-hour days, thousands of workers demonstrated in cities across the United States to demand an eight-hour day . Police in Chicago attacked those peaceful protests and the workers who planned to meet two days later, randomly beating and shooting in the protest group, killing six people. When angry Chicagoans took part in an initially peaceful protest in Haymarket Square the next evening, the police moved into the crowd again. An unidentified person planted a bomb that killed a policeman, this led to the police being shot by the protesters, and violence that left twelve workers and policemen dead.

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Philadelphia Labor Day Weekend 2023

Philadelphia Art Museum Workers’ Strike Stretches Into Second Week

Ironically, Chicago was the site of the bloody Pullman Strike in 1894, which ushered in the official US holiday of Labor Day on the first Monday of September.

The strike took place in June in the industrial city of Pullman, Chicago, at a factory established by the Pullman Company, a manufacturer of luxury railroad cars. The inequality of the city is evident. The owner of the factory, George Pullman, lived in the mansion, and most of the workers were in barrack-like dwellings. When the country entered the Depression in 1893, Pullman decided to cut costs like many executives at the time, cutting wages by almost 30% and saving rent on the accommodation he rented to his workers until graduation. pre depression.

Philadelphia Labor Day Weekend 2023

These conditions finally led to a strike in 1894. The American Railroad Union (ARU) supported the May 11 strike, which announced that ARU members would not work on trains carrying Pullman cars. The strike would shut down the railroads west of Chicago and force 125,000 workers at 29 railroad companies to walk off the job rather than end the strike.

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When the Chicago railroad companies received strikes as venues, the strikers also took various measures to stop the trains. The General Managers Association, which represents local railroad companies, fought back, asking U.S. Attorney Richard Olney, a former railroad attorney, to intervene. Federal courts in Indianapolis granted Olney an injunction against the strike, allowing President Grover Cleveland to send in federal troops to end the strike.

Philadelphia Labor Day Weekend 2023

A few days later, Cleveland realized this

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