September 22, 2023

National Squirrel Day 2023

National Squirrel Day 2023 – Did you know that January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day? While some people may not always appreciate these tiny rodents and their fearsome antics in stealing bird seeds, squirrels play an important ecological role. It’s also fun to watch, especially for kids. In honor of these little nuts, we thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about squirrels, squirrel jokes, favorite squirrel books for kids, and even squirrel-themed games, crafts, and treats you can make. I thought. I am happy with my children. Every squirrel deserves a day, so let’s show our appreciation!

National Squirrel Appreciation Day is the brainchild of Christy Hargrove, a wildlife rehabilitation expert in Ashville, North Carolina. National Squirrel Appreciation Day on January 21 is a day to learn about and celebrate the world’s cutest rodent. The day is celebrated to encourage friendly attitudes towards furry neighbors by providing squirrels with food and water and allowing them to play at bird feeders they would not normally want to touch. Squirrels may seem like a nuisance, but their presence actually benefits the environment and helps to beautify parks in urban areas.

National Squirrel Day 2023

National Squirrel Day 2023

There is a lot of information you don’t know about squirrels. Here are some fun facts about squirrels that you can share with your kids so they love animals and get ready to celebrate the squirrel holiday.

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Whether because of their lovable nature or because they inhabit almost every backyard across the country, squirrels make witty and cute storybook characters. In honor of Squirrel Appreciation Day, we’ve put together a list of 16 books about squirrels and their adventures, pranks and appetites! This squirrel book is fun for kids of all ages, from preschoolers to school-aged kids, to not only teach them about their furry friends, but to entertain them too.

National Squirrel Day 2023

If you’re looking for fun activities for kids to do in honor of Squirrel Appreciation Day, here are some fun ideas.

Can you really appreciate squirrels without playing a single squirrel-themed game? That may be the case, but I want to make sure I’m prepared for all types of squirrels. Obviously this includes squirrel games too!

National Squirrel Day 2023

From Cute To Catastrophic: You Shared Your Best Personal Squirrel Stories

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel is a fun board game perfect for kids and toddlers. The game focuses on color, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, exchange and social skills.

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Squirrel Rebellion: This virtual game from Sparkle Stories is best in groups of 3 or more and is like Freeze Tag with a squirrel twist!

National Squirrel Day 2023

Acorn Hide and Seek: This is a fun pretend game suitable for all ages. This game is from the book Play the First School Way by Peter Houghton and Jane Worroll. This is how you play.

Squirrel Meat On The Table After Quebec Hunter Starts Petition

Instead of finding your own stash of acorns, exchange acorns and see if you can find each other’s stash. If this is too difficult, you can add ‘hot and cold’ cues if you have young children or if your children are frustrated, they can help each other find shelter.

National Squirrel Day 2023

What’s the point of a squirrel party if you don’t have “savory” treats? Here are our favorite treats for all the little squirrels out there.

We are lucky to have these intelligent and charismatic animals living among us, but as with most wildlife, the best way to appreciate them is to observe them from a distance. Squirrels can look cute and cuddly, but children (and adults) shouldn’t interact with them (squirrels bite!). Also, feeding wildlife is generally a bad idea because it portrays humans as food sources and can interfere with natural feeding. Same day as the center’s annual Squirrel Appreciation Day. The tradition began when coach Hope Reese rescued Oliver Weft, a baby squirrel, who had fallen from a large tree in front of the center. You can read the story here.

National Squirrel Day 2023

Squirrel Appreciation Day 2023

Come in and see what we’ve been up to! No pre-registration is required and the workshops are open to all ages. Younger children may need parental assistance.

Squirrel Appreciation Day (January 21 every year – yes, it matters!) is a big day here! 🙂

National Squirrel Day 2023

A handmade mug with Rebecca. 11, 12, 1, 2 or 3 – $25 per cup. Lots of stamps (including some squirrel shapes) to customize your mug! Your cup will be ready in 2 weeks. All ages!

Red Squirrels, Socially Distant By Nature, Teach Us The Value Of Good Neighbours

Create your own bracelet, choose from 1000 beads – $8 per bracelet, charms (even squirrel charms!) are available for an extra cost. Enter at 10, 11, 12, 2 or 3:00 (all 1pm workshops). All ages!

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National Squirrel Day 2023

Paint a cute squirrel on scrap wood – choose your own background color and flowers. Personalization is also possible! $10. Enter anytime between 11am and 2pm! All ages! National Squirrel Appreciation Day is an annual event held on January 21 each year. Everything looks great, from the cute big eyes and small erect ears to the soft tailed squirrel fur. Nut-eating herbivores that live in the fields play an important role in the environment. It is very important to appreciate and recognize the active role of these elusive animals. National Squirrel Appreciation Day is created to honor squirrels of all kinds.

“Squirrels are just mice in cute clothes!” – Sarah Jessica Parker National Squirrel Appreciation Day History

National Squirrel Day 2023

The Bloody Battle To Save The Red Squirrel

This day has been celebrated since 2001. It was created by Christy Hargrove of Asheville, North Carolina to commemorate the day. Creator is a wildlife rehabilitation expert in North Carolina and is affiliated with the Western North Carolina Nature Center. Christy said the celebration itself depends on the individual or group and depends on everything from providing extra food for the squirrels to learning new things about the species. You created this day to give away seeds and nuts for the starving squirrels this winter. This is a day for all kinds of squirrels: tree squirrels, ground squirrels, squirrels, guinea pigs, flying squirrels and prairie dogs.

Squirrels range in length from a few inches to a few feet and can be found almost everywhere. They are native to America, Africa and Eurasia. People introduced to Australia. Western and eastern gray squirrels are common in North America. Red squirrels are more common in Europe. However, numbers have declined in the UK and Ireland. Squirrels weigh between 5 and 8 kg and are usually slender with bushy tails and large eyes. They live in relatively dry deserts in tropical forests. Squirrels are mostly herbivores and eat seeds and nuts. They also eat insects and even small vertebrates.

National Squirrel Day 2023

Learn more about squirrels and their types. Bring some seeds and nuts to feed the squirrels in your backyard or garden. Visit your local zoo and learn about their lifestyle. Draw as a way to appreciate squirrels or other artwork. Share your appreciation for squirrels on social media using the hashtag #SquirrelAppreciationDay. National Squirrel Appreciation Day is coming up and you may be wondering how to celebrate the most appropriate day. Well, look no further.

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Red Squirrel Appreciation Day Marks Launch Of Effort To Expand Range And Protect Iconic Species

This blog provides all the information you need to impress even the pickiest squirrel fan.

National Squirrel Day 2023

Either way, you will definitely be happy to celebrate this day. Let’s jump into it without wasting precious time.

January 21st is National Squirrel Appreciation Day. This is a day to celebrate the little furry creatures that many of us love. Squirrels are cute, funny and intelligent animals that can be found in parks and gardens all year round.

National Squirrel Day 2023

Even For Solitary Squirrels, It’s Better To Know The Neighbors

Squirrels are adorable, furry little creatures found in the United States. They love acorns and other nuts, but enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Squirrels play an important role in our ecosystem by distributing seeds and helping to maintain insect populations.

National Squirrel Day 2023

Squirrels are so cute and a perfect example of how people can love and care for animals. Here are 4 reasons to respect squirrels.

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The number one reason to appreciate squirrels is that they are fun! They have big eyes, fluffy tails, and small feet. It’s so cute you can’t help but love it!

National Squirrel Day 2023

This animal died of heart disease! Heartworm kills millions of dogs and cats each year, but not squirrels.

This real creature hides beans where no one can find them. This helps them survive winters when food is scarce in their area.

National Squirrel Day 2023

In Honor Of Squirrel Appreciation Day

If we stop killing these adorable rodents, we can get through the winter without having to worry about running out of food in our pantry!

Squirrels are wonderful creatures that can figure out how to survive harsh winters by finding food sources deep inside the earth.

National Squirrel Day 2023

Know more about squirrels

Squirrel Appreciation Stock Illustrations

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