May 31, 2023

National Principals Day 2023

National Principals Day 2023 – Lifetouch and the Illinois Leaders Association (IPA) encourage all Illinois communities to celebrate Leadership Appreciation Week October 16-22, 2022 and Leadership Appreciation Day on Friday, October 21, 2022. This state-approved recognition is being approved for the first time by the Governor of Illinois. in 1990 and is celebrated annually. The IPA also joins the National Association of High School Principals (NASSP), the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA) in recognizing October as National Principals Month.

Principal Appreciation Day is an opportunity for learning communities to publicly acknowledge the work, dedication, and importance of principals, associate principals, and deans across the state. Lifetouch and IPA are inviting all teachers, students, parents, and community members to host an Appreciation Event on Friday, October 21st to celebrate leadership in facility management in Illinois public and private schools.

National Principals Day 2023

National Principals Day 2023

Raul Gaston, President of the IPA and Principal of Jefferson High School in Villa Park, said, “John C. Maxwell once wrote, ‘A leader is one who knows the way, walks it, and shows the way.’ It goes without saying that school leaders strive to master the skills necessary to do their job, guide their staff in their work, and lead by example in what is most important to the improvement of the staff and students they serve every day. be humble, influential, inspiring, motivating, results-oriented, trustworthy, forward-thinking, etc., while creatively serving their communities. We all know that we haven’t quite achieved it, but the determination and passion to strive to be the best is contagious and highly appreciated by all. The IPA is here to support school leaders across the state on their journey to excellence. Happy Director Appreciation Day!”

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“This year, we are honoring our state’s school leaders for what they are — Leaders of Hope,” the doctor said. Jason Leahy, Executive Director of IPA. “These courageous people lead their learning organizations with optimism, humility, vision, perseverance and a deep desire to do the best for their students. Both research and common sense tell us how important these servants are to positively impact youth, teachers, and society. For this they deserve our respect and gratitude.”

National Principals Day 2023

Below are sample tweets and photos that school districts can share on social media or newsletters. Feel free to change if necessary. Don’t forget to include the hashtags: #thankaprincipal #leadersofhope

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October is National Directors Month and we are proud to recognize YOU as the Director of Hope! Thanks for your promise! #Thank youPrincipal #LeadersofHope https:///principal-appreciation/

National Principals Day 2023

Middle & High School Principals Convention

October is National School Principals Month, and we KNOW that Principals influence student and adult achievement in their schools. We are proud to support you as a leader of hope. #Thank youPrincipal #LeadersofHope https:///principal-appreciation/

October is National Directors Month and we thank you and your leadership. As Leaders of Hope, we see your promise every day! #Thank youPrincipal #LeadersofHope https:///principal-appreciation/

National Principals Day 2023

Have students write notes like “Well done!” “Thank you” and “Thank you very much” and put them on your director’s desk before he goes to work.

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School leaders have little time for themselves, attending to the pressing and pressing details of their work. Give them a day to switch off, get out of the building and take the time to recharge and think about how they can become better leaders.

National Principals Day 2023

Lifetouch School Portraits celebrates over 80 years of photographic memories. School Photo Day has become a tradition, annually recording the growth and maturity of millions of children. Lifetouch is proud to be the official school photographer for the National Association of Elementary School Principals and the National Association of High School Principals. Lifetouch is honored to support local members of the Illinois Association of Directors in honor of Principles Appreciation Day. Learn more about Lifetouch at Appreciating, celebrating and boosting employee morale has always been my passion. I had a lot of fun collecting files for school recognition days (see below). Your maintenance workers, paraprofessionals, school nurses, and others are included.

With every download, you’ll find countless ways to appreciate, personalize, and give gifts as an inexpensive way to show school staff how much they are loved! It’s also a great way to boost employee morale! Veterans Day is also included in school programs to honor those who serve or have served in any of our six armed forces.

National Principals Day 2023

Proposed 2022 2023 School Year Calendar: Subject To Ministry Approval

The School Appreciation Days calendar above includes almost all school staff positions (more listed at the end!). Get the above calendars, both in chalkboard and white background, here for FREE!)

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You can choose individual files in the store or save money and get them in SET #1, SET #2 or SET #3 of your choice.

National Principals Day 2023

I also made stationery and cards for the following people: Counselor, Assistant Principal, Librarian, Principal, Administrative Assistant, and Nurse. Everyone says: “From the table ______________”. Stationery / note cards make a great gift!

The Role Of The Principal In Schools

Stationery/note cards with their Thanksgiving Day are in “TWO GIFT PACKAGES” for your convenience. Here you can find sets.

National Principals Day 2023

Don’t worry, I’m constantly updating my files (and have been doing so for the last five years) to keep the holidays and thanksgiving days up to date. You have access to unlimited re-downloads after purchase to stay up to date!

The Appreciation Days calendar excludes all holidays. For example, National Administrators Day is the Wednesday of the last full week of April, while National Deputy Appreciation Week always falls on the first full week of September. Also, National Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September after Labor Day! These files can be found under “Weird and Funny National Holidays” or “More Days to Celebrate”. Enjoy! There is always a reason to celebrate. 🙂 Principal’s Day is celebrated each year on May 1st to celebrate the importance of principals from elementary to high school and all the work they do to improve the school.

National Principals Day 2023

Pdf) Leading And Teaching With Technology: School Principals’ Perspective

Anet Dellaria established Principal’s Day as a day dedicated to the principals of all schools, from elementary to high school.

While the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a director is an intimidating figure with suspensions, expulsions, and jail time, we all know they have so much more to offer. Janet Delaria, a teacher from Michigan who is supported by many teacher organizations, has decided to dedicate the day to honor school leaders and raise awareness of the importance of their role.

National Principals Day 2023

While students have to think about learning and teachers have to think about learning, the principal has more to worry about than the school. From helping students achieve more, to guiding students and teachers to meeting parent expectations, the role of school leaders is often underestimated. Another thing that makes them valuable is that they started as a teacher and worked their way up to principal. They also often fill in for teachers when they are on vacation, so they know how to engage students and keep the learning process interesting. This makes the director more than a school principal, but a real teacher who changes the lives of students. His responsibilities include meeting with teachers, understanding student concerns, lesson planning, and overall school improvement.

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The Opc Register

The Progressive Education Association was formed and all 50 states signed an agreement to fund school transportation for children.

National Principals Day 2023

Principals’ Day was founded by Janet Dellaria, a teacher and social worker from Michigan. There were also many teacher associations that supported him in this matter.

Directors’ Appreciation Day is another name for Directors’ Day, which is celebrated annually on May 1st.

National Principals Day 2023

The Pandemic Upended Principals’ Jobs. Do Professional Leader Standards Reflect The Shift?

There are many ways to celebrate this day. Depending on whether you’re a student or not, you can give them gifts, organize events, or send thank you cards to your favorite principal.

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National Principals Day 2023

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