September 24, 2023

National Moonshine Day 2023

National Moonshine Day 2023 – “Well, between whiskey and nothing, I thought I’d go for whiskey. It’s the closest thing to alcohol I could find. William Faulkner

Moonshine is a rich and powerful distillery with a rich literary history and complex political history. The delicious flavors of some of the most famous alcoholic beverages are uncomplicated. It’s no longer illegal, and more flavors and manufacturers are making it available to everyone. National Moonshine Day celebrates its history and return to the market.

National Moonshine Day 2023

National Moonshine Day 2023

The history of Moonshine actually begins with the history of the word. It’s an evocative term that calls to mind everything from elf-speckled hills to secret copper refineries nestled between the slopes of the Appalachian Mountains. But where did it actually come from? As it turns out, the most likely origin actually comes from the county of Wiltshire in England, which once considered smuggling to be one of its most important industries.

Here’s What You Need To Know About The ‘legal Moonshine’ Boom

Moonrakers smuggled in brandy and in one case dumped it at the bottom of a village pool. When two customs officers came one night to inquire about their business, they tried to get it back. Thinking quickly, they replied that they were trying to take round cheese (after all, it’s made with moons), and the customs officials thought it was simple. Thus the term ‘Moonraker’ came into use.

National Moonshine Day 2023

The term Moonshine is thought to have originated from that story. But what is moonlight? Moonshine is a white whiskey distilled from corn, which is believed to have been a popular source of income in the Appalachians due to the difficulty of transportation. Moonshine’s main ingredients are malted corn, barley and rye, creating a delicious and potent blend.

On National Moonshine Day, the best thing to do is head to your local liquor store and try this fantastic drink. They come in a variety of great flavors, including apple pie (our personal favorite). But be careful. It is a drink to drink and respect, especially considering its 100 proven properties. For those not familiar with proofing, this means the alcohol is high enough to burn almost 50% alcohol. But you don’t have to drink! Apple Glazed Pork Chops are delicious without the booze!

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National Moonshine Day 2023

How A Group Of Daring Bootleggers Created Nascar

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National Moonshine Day 2023

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Firefly Distillery Releases New Moonshine Flavor For First Time In Nearly A Decade

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National Moonshine Day 2023

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National Moonshine Day 2023

Ole Smoky Distillery Breaks World Visitation Records

Sign up for personalized recommendations, follow your favorite shows and topics, and never miss a day! Ole Smoky Distillery, the world’s most visited distillery and America’s #1 spirits brand, offers live entertainment, live entertainment and distillery entertainment throughout Tennessee today. Leave your drinking roots behind with a tour and tasting. In Nashville, Ole Smoky’s “Shine Fest” kicked off this afternoon at 6th & Peabody Brewery with live concert performances by Levi Hummon, Roman Alexander, The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys and Cisco.

There are good reasons to celebrate today’s drink. It is the most famous alcoholic drink in the United States. Production of the infamous distilled liquor began in the late 1700s when Irish and Scottish immigrants settled in the southern Appalachian region and used corn, yeast, sugar and water to distill at home. And until recently it was illegal. In 2010, Ole Smoky became the first legal moonshiner distillery in Tennessee and launched the Apple Pie, Original and White Lightnin’ Moonshines brands. All brews are handcrafted using real East Tennessee family brewing recipes.

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National Moonshine Day 2023

Today, Ole Smoky offers more than 25 unique drink flavors. According to Nielsen, Ole Smoky is the #1 seller in the US with over 71% market share, the largest share of any alcoholic beverage category. Fans of Ole Smoky Distillery are loyal and come from all over the world. Ole Smoky is the most visited brewery in the world, with more than 5.7 million visitors last year at its four Tennessee breweries. Top-selling flavors include Apple Pie and Butter Pecan Moonshine, along with pickles from Ole Smoky’s Fruit and Vegetable Collection.

Guide To Urban Moonshining Distills The Whiskey Business

Joe Baker, founder of Ole Smoky Distillery, said: “We celebrate National Moonshine Day as more people enjoy the flavors and combinations of spirits. “A spirit steeped in American history, our fans know that when you share a drink, you’re giving a nod to the history and legacy of handcrafted beer distilled in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.”

National Moonshine Day 2023

Ole Smoky Distillery is the most awarded spirit in the world, with 237 awards since its launch 12 years ago. “Winning awards in the drinks industry is based on original taste, flavor and innovation. Ole Smoky is known for its focus on quality and authenticity as it creates great-tasting spirits with eyebrow-raising flavors that surprise and delight consumers,” Baker added.

Fans can celebrate National Moonshine Day by visiting Fans can enjoy a curated playlist of cocktail recipes to help them celebrate National Moonshine Day at home. Fans also have a chance to win a VIP trip to Tennessee for a drinks and music adventure. The deadline for participation in the prize draw is June 30. Also known as White Lightning, Hooch, Mountain Dew, Rotgut, Firewater, Skullpop, and Tennessee White Whiskey, Moonshine is an illegally prepared, long-lasting alcoholic beverage in its purest form. . Often around 150 proof or around 75% alcohol by volume. Making drinks at home is illegal, but we still celebrate today.

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National Moonshine Day 2023

Florida On The Beach

The name “Moonshine” may derive from the historical term “Moonraker” for British smugglers. “Moonshining” in England also means any work done at night. Americans probably adopted the term because the drink was made secretly or with alcohol. Early drinkers often made it from rye or barley, but after the 19th century almost all drinks were made from corn. The usual recipe for it is cornstarch, sugar, yeast and water. White sugar was often used as a substitute for cornstarch during Prohibition. Moonshine is clear because it is not aged in oak barrels like whiskey. Aging in barrels softens the whiskey, and the alcohol works because it doesn’t use this process. Poor placement of moonlight can be dangerous for people. In the past, some unsafe substances were added to give it more of a kick, which made it dangerous as well.

Throughout history, alcohol has sometimes been produced to avoid taxes and sometimes to circumvent alcohol prohibition. In the United States, liquor was first made in Pennsylvania and other states where grain was an important commodity. Any surplus grain that is harvested is refined so that it is not wasted. In 1791, a tax on alcoholic beverages known as the “Whiskey Tax” was introduced in the United States. Three years later, the Whiskey Rebellion broke out in Pennsylvania, and President Washington sent 13,000 troops to enforce order. Taxes were abolished in 1801.

National Moonshine Day 2023

Moonshining continued after the Whiskey Rebellion and was common in Kentucky, Virginia, the Carolinas, and the southern states. Even today, alcohol is often associated with the South. Prohibition came into effect in 1920 and was a great help to sleepwalkers. Because legal alcohol can no longer be bought. Their market has grown rapidly and the demand is much higher. However, with the end of Prohibition in 1933, demand declined and continued to decline for several years. Moonlight is rare these days. A little “moonlight” today

Keeping Traditional Appalachian Moonshine Alive

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