National Left Handers Day 2023

National Left Handers Day 2023 – How popular is this fruit in different countries? Several studies have been conducted to measure the popularity of left-handers around the world, and the website collected the results and compared countries. Much of the data presented in this infographic comes from independent studies conducted in different years. For example, the European countries listed are from a 2009 study by the I.C. McManus found that the Netherlands had the highest proportion of left-handers in the world at 13.23%.

The United States was next at 13.1%, while neighboring Canada was at 12.8%. In other places, the proportion of left-handers is much lower, and China is a good example. According to, only 3.5% of Chinese people are primarily left-handed, which is actually higher than the rate reported by many historical studies. It is believed that the negative attitude towards left-handers in China is one of the main reasons people try to use their right hand to deal with predominantly left-handed people and are often bullied, harassed and considered abnormal.

National Left Handers Day 2023

National Left Handers Day 2023

Yes, allows easy integration of multiple infographics on other websites. Just copy the HTML code of the relevant statistics display to compile. Our standard is 660 pixels, but you can customize how statistics are displayed to suit your site by setting the display width and size. Note that the code must be integrated into the HTML code (not just text) of WordPress sites and other CMS pages. It’s time to honor lefties and raise awareness of some of the experiences many of them have. The world is primarily designed for right-handed people.

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While being lefty can sometimes mean struggling with right-handed scissors, there are many reasons why lefties are great!

National Left Handers Day 2023

William’s great-grandfather George VI was also born left-handed, but his father George V forced him to write with his right hand.

There are many famous celebrities who are also left-handed. Singer Justin Bieber is left-handed, even though the first guitar he picked up was actually right-handed. He tried playing the instrument backwards, although it proved to be laborious!

National Left Handers Day 2023

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Like Prince William’s great-grandfather George VI, it wasn’t uncommon in the past for lefties to be forced to do things with their right.

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Until recently, lefties in the UK were historically forced to use their right hand as children for tasks they would naturally use their left hand for. This situation still exists in some countries.

National Left Handers Day 2023

In many parts of the world, the left hand is considered unclean or unclean. If you are left-handed and visiting places like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal and the Middle East, it is considered rude to eat, hold or give with your left hand.

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In French, “gauche” means “left” or “clumsy”. The English word “left” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “lift”, which means “weak”. “True” also has the meaning of “correct”.

National Left Handers Day 2023

So, as we know, being left-handed is considered a bad thing in many cultures, and it has historically been so!

Left-handed people were considered unlucky, even evil—the word “unlucky” comes from the Latin word for “left.”

National Left Handers Day 2023

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In medieval England, leftists were associated with Satan and were often accused of witchcraft, which meant they were burned alive.

Some research suggests that more and more people are left-handed, but that may be because people don’t accept that it used to be considered a bad thing.

National Left Handers Day 2023

The brain is cross-connected, which means the right side controls the left side of the body and vice versa.

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The brains of left-handers work differently than those of right-handers, according to scientists at the University of Oxford.

National Left Handers Day 2023

In one study, the brains of left-handed participants were monitored. The two left hemispheres of the brain are better connected and coordinated, especially in the use of language, scientists say.

“If you’re left-handed, you might find that you have a slightly unusual way of organizing your brain, and suddenly it gives you skills that other people don’t have.”

National Left Handers Day 2023

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It is often said that lefties are more creative and better at art or music. However, so far, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove this.

However, some famous creative lefties include: Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Caitlyn Jenner, Justin Bieber and The Simpsons creator Matt Groening (this is why Bart Simpson writes with his left hand).

National Left Handers Day 2023

Northern Ireland psychologist Peter Hepper studied scans of hundreds of newborns sucking their thumbs.

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About 90 percent of children who suck their right thumb are right-handed by age 12. And three out of four left-handers become left-handed.

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National Left Handers Day 2023

Having a left-handed parent means you’re more likely to be left-handed. If both parents are left-handed, there is a 1 in 4 chance that you are also left-handed.

As a child, it’s common for young children to use one hand and the other at will throughout the day. But children as young as two years old prefer to use one hand over the other.

National Left Handers Day 2023

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Humans are one of the few animals that exhibit a preference for left-handedness versus right-handedness. Most creatures, including monkeys, our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, exhibit a 50-50 ratio of which arm, leg or foot is used the most.

However, left-handed animals include kangaroos, which prefer to use their left paw for things like grooming and eating. Additionally, studies have shown that 90% of parrots use their left foot to pick up objects.

National Left Handers Day 2023

Like humans today, our ancient ancestors were mostly right-handed, but there is evidence that Neanderthals were left-handed half a million years ago.

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Cave men and women at the time probably ate mostly raw meat, which was hard on the teeth.

National Left Handers Day 2023

Archaeologists believe that the Neanderthals bit the meat and used a sharp rock to slice the meat away from the mouth.

Judging from the direction of the scratches on the teeth, ten percent of the Neanderthals appeared to be holding a stone cutter in their left hand.

National Left Handers Day 2023

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Are you left-handed? Do you think it did you any good or bad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Left Handed: Scientists Learn More About Why We Use Different Hands Sep 6, 2019 Sep 6, 2019 National Potty Jumping Day is celebrated every March 5. It all depends on what people do when they need to use the bathroom. This dance is performed voluntarily or involuntarily when a person’s bladder is full. They move side to side to avoid using the bathroom. Dancing is very helpful for babies because it sends a clear signal to parents that the baby needs to go to the bathroom. It’s a fun dance, but it’s also an easy way to communicate. Children sometimes find themselves uncomfortable expressing the need to go to the bathroom.

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National Left Handers Day 2023

National Potty Dancing Day is a fun holiday to raise awareness about potty dancing. Although often overlooked, potty dancing is a useful part of human culture. It is well known all over the world. Potty dancing is a fun, wordless way to communicate the need to pee. It also allows dancers to wait until they get to the bathroom.

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Anyone can potty jump anytime. Children and adults dance this dance for a number of reasons. The dance was so popular that songs and videos were created. Kids usually love potty dancing! It can be said that almost everyone has danced this dance at some point or another. Before you know it, people start to act!

National Left Handers Day 2023

On National Potty Dance Day, people of all ages can enjoy a fun potty dance. They give different explanations for this. Curious Pull Ups created the potty dance steps, song and lyrics. His version of potty hopping is widely accepted. There are many different videos that can be watched online. Kids love watching videos, singing songs and potty dancing. The holidays are a fun opportunity to bond with kids and teach them valuable potty training.

It involves bobbing your hips from side to side, jumping up and down, bending your knees and looking uncomfortable.

National Left Handers Day 2023

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It can put extra pressure on your bladder. Cross your legs when standing, but don’t cross your legs when sitting. Doing so may cause pain or loss of bladder control.

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National Left Handers Day 2023

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