September 24, 2023

National Empanada Day 2023

National Empanada Day 2023 – This popular family-run coffee shop and bakery is offering free buy-one-one-two empanadas and a social media giveaway on April 8.

Known for its handmade empanadas, Rustika Café and Bakery in Houston, Texas is celebrating the popular pastry with a special BOGO offer this year for National Empanada Day, April 8!

National Empanada Day 2023

National Empanada Day 2023

For 25 years, Rustika’s empanadas have been among the most popular items on the menu of cafes and bakeries. For National Day, Rustika Café and Bakery is giving away its last free empanada nationwide! Throughout the day on April 8, Texas Bakery fans can buy a breakfast, salty or sweet empanada and get it for free!

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But this is not the end of the celebration! On April 8, Rustika will host Chocolate Fudge, Triple. Chocolate, Tres Leches, white chocolate raspberry, creme brulee and more. Two winners will be selected on Monday 11th April and notified of their win on the same day.

National Empanada Day 2023

“We are thrilled to celebrate one of our most popular menu items,” said founder Francis Reznick. “Our unique recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and have been loved for over 25 years. At Rustika, we are known for authentic dishes and flavors and for using all-natural, preservative-free ingredients in all our fillings and empanadas. We pride ourselves on high-quality ingredients. We can’t wait to celebrate everyone’s favorite show!”

Rustika Café and Bakery’s unique empanadas are handmade and baked from scratch, never fried. Each filling is freshly prepared for each empanada, then Rustiki chefs carefully measure, fry and mix popular ingredients to create the perfect combination of flavors and textures. The baker prepares the yogurt-based empanada dough, rolls it out and cuts it with each hand. When the empanadas are filled, they are ready to bake and enjoy! The dough, according to the family recipe, has been brown and crumbly for generations, and at the same time smooth and soft inside. The flour has a mild sweetness that blends perfectly with the unique spice.

National Empanada Day 2023

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Guests can enjoy Rustika Café and Bakery’s empanadas at any time of day, with breakfast, dessert or dessert. Empanadas are an excellent quick meal and go well with soups, salads or similar accompaniments. To order an empanada, visit or visit to find a coffee shop and bakery near you.

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Inspired by the culinary experiences of generations around the world, Rustika Café and Bakery serves gourmet Kosher Mexican dishes such as Chilaquiles, Migas and Matzah Ball Soup, as well as omelettes, sandwiches, salads and more. In addition, guests can enjoy cupcakes, cookies, candies, sweets and delicious desserts that are perfect after or even before a good meal.

National Empanada Day 2023

Rustika Café and Bakery specializes in natural, paraben-free artisanal baked goods for all occasions. Bakery’s talented confectioners create delicious, edible treats that are the perfect decorations for birthdays, baby showers, bachelorette parties, graduations, weddings and more.

National Empanada Day (saturday, April 8th, 2023)

To learn more, visit Rustika Café and Bakery offers exciting franchise opportunities across the United States. For more information, please contact Kat Davidson at 678.485.8413 or email [email protected].

National Empanada Day 2023

Founded in 1994 by pastry chef Francis Reznick, Rustika Café and Bakery is a family-owned business with five locations in the Houston area. Rustika Café and Bakery’s vision is simple: to use the highest quality ingredients while adding international flavors to every dish. Born in Mexico of Jewish-European ancestry, Chef Reznick sources ingredients and recipes from around the world. Everything on the Rustika Café and Bakery menu, from enchiladas and empanadas to cookies and cakes, is made daily from scratch using only the finest natural, preservative-free ingredients. Rustika Café and Bakery offers its famous cakes and empanadas nationwide through Goldbelly – from Houston straight to your door. For more information on Rustika Café & Bakery, visit If there’s anything New Jersey should be known for, it’s food. Food culture is experiencing a renaissance and we’ve all had a time when we felt happy in a delicious bag.

Empanadas don’t come from New Jersey, but you won’t be surprised to hear that Garden State is one of the best places to find them. In celebration of National Empanada Day on April 8, we start with a short story about empanadas and the origins of these little meat and vegetable treats.

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National Empanada Day 2023

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Sure, we’re halfway between New York and Philadelphia, but Garden State might top them today when it comes to empanadas. Photo via Getty Images

Empanadas probably originated in Spain and Galician communities in the north-west of the country. The word “empanada” comes from the Spanish and Galician word “empanar” which means bread, packet or breadcrumbs. A Catalan cookbook called Libre del Coch, published in 1520 by Robert de Nola, mentions a recipe for seafood empanadas.

National Empanada Day 2023

Savory empanadas are often made by assembling dough or bread with seasonal spices. The dough is then baked or fried. There are many kinds of things in it, including meat, cheese, spices and vegetables.

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Other versions of the empanada include options for those with a sweet tooth. Variations may include fresh or dried fruit, including apples, apricots, peaches, or sweet potatoes. It is then fried like the regular version to create a cake-like dessert.

National Empanada Day 2023

Almost 30 countries have their own empanadas. Even in the United States, different regions have different versions of the dish. It varies from the savory Southern Creole empanada to the sweet New Mexico empanada, using minced pork, sugar, piñon fruit, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.

If anything I said whet your appetite, my best advice is to do it on National Empanada Day. I mean, try to make your own! There are many types of empanadas that you are likely to find at your next family dinner and date.

National Empanada Day 2023

National Empanada Day

Create your own empanadas and add a variety of meats, cheeses, spices and vegetables for the perfect meal. Photo via Getty Images

Find a local New Jersey restaurant that serves empanadas to support local businesses and enjoy a delicious meal with your family at home or order some for yourself as a snack during the day. They’re the perfect snack when you’re looking for something fresh and delicious.

National Empanada Day 2023

In New Jersey, some restaurants serve empanadas from places like Spain, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Argentina.

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Home to culinary diversity, our state is a true gem for all foodies. Sure, we’re halfway between New York and Philadelphia, but Garden State might top them for empanadas today. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself on National Empanada Day.

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National Empanada Day 2023

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Food is at the heart of many festive gatherings, which is why we emphasize the ideas of local farms and suppliers.

National Empanada Day 2023

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Celebrate our wonderful state of the garden by surprising your loved ones (and yourself!) with beautiful gifts made in New Jersey.

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National Empanada Day 2023

There are occasional great conversations about food. Bloomfield, NJ certainly offers plenty of places to do this.

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Suzanne Anan is known worldwide and her paintings have been exhibited in cities from Paris to Tokyo.

National Empanada Day 2023

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The content of this website may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise exploited without the prior written consent of Advance Local. Have you ever eaten an empanada? Where do they come from and are they common in most Western countries? Although the origin of Empanadas has not been conclusively confirmed, according to many accounts, Empanadas first appeared in Spain. A cookbook published in Catalonia, Spain in 1520 describes how to make seafood flavored empanadas. Empanadas means “wrapped bread” in Spanish. It soon arrived in Spain, and then Empanadas began to be shipped to many Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Chile, Portugal, Mexico, the Caribbean… Although the United States chooses April 8 each year as the celebration of the Empanadas cake, it is also known as the national cake.

National Empanada Day 2023

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