October 2, 2023

National Cheesesteak Day 2023

National Cheesesteak Day 2023 – Irvine, CA ( ) Home of Philly’s Best, Most Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks in Southern California, National Cheesesteak Day encourages everyone to eat like a true Philly! On Sunday, March 24, Philly’s Best Award Winning Chicken Cheesesteak and Chicken Cheesecake will be just $5.99 all day long. Show this coupon on your mobile device at check-in.

All Philly’s Best is true because we’re proud of Philadelphia and there’s no other way! Using only the safest ingredients for over 27 years, our authentic cheese products, including our signature Rolls Amoroso, are what you’ll find at Philly’s best cheese shop. We can’t wait to celebrate!”

National Cheesesteak Day 2023

National Cheesesteak Day 2023

Philly’s best story begins in the 1980s when Bob was stationed in San Diego, California while serving in the Navy. Far from home and unable to find a place to satisfy his cheese cravings. The dream was born to bring his favorite Philly dish to SoCal. He and his wife, Andrea, who live in Philadelphia, opened the first Philly’s Best Cheese & Hoagie Shop in Fountain Valley in 1992. Since then, he’s been serving up the best cheese and hoagie in the world. The brand soon spread throughout Southern California. It is the most reliable Philly stapler you will find.

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Levy continued, “We know our fans are impressed with the authentic Philly experience, and we hope they plan to celebrate National Cheesesteak Day with us on March 24th!”

National Cheesesteak Day 2023

This one-day deal is available for Sunday, March 24 at Philly’s Best Places. The deal is $5.99 for regular Cheesesteaks and Chicken Cheesesteak only, plus a special giveaway. Voucher is required. (printed or displayed on mobile device upon registration). Not valid for other offers. Visit www.eatphillysbest.com/store-locations to find Philly’s Best near you.

Philly’s Best has been celebrating the taste of authentic Philly in Southern California for over 27 years. The company was started by Philadelphia residents Bob and Andrea Levy who wanted to bring a taste of Philadelphia to their new home. In Southern California, in 1992, they opened Philly’s finest location in Fountain Valley. The company’s original flavors started with ingredients and products direct from Philadelphia: Rolls Amoroso®, Wise® Chips, Taylor® Pork. Roll, Frank’s Soda, Hank’s Soda, Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer® and a variety of TastyKake® Sacrifice Philly’s unique brand and concept Philly’s Best grew out of Southern California. for more information Please visit the company’s website at www.eatphillysbest.com Call (949) 206-9724 Follow Halan on Facebook or Instagram and Twitter Today is celebrated in honor of this delicious sandwich in the U.S., but now it’s fun all over the world!

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National Cheesesteak Day 2023

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Cheesesteak sandwiches date back almost a hundred years, beginning in 1930 in Philadelphia. Pat Oliveri was a street vendor selling hot dogs. And he just cut the meat and threw it on Italian bread with grilled onions for lunch. A regular customer asked what Pat was eating and advised him to start selling it. They were very impressed.

A few years later, Pat Oliveri turned the hot dog stand into a more mainstream restaurant. And the bright corner shop continues to delight customers with its cheese sandwiches to this day. Other rival sandwich shops Closed in the 1930s and ’40s, including Geno’s across the street and Jim’s Steaks, run by Jim and Millie for many years.

National Cheesesteak Day 2023

Eventually, the idea of ​​adding provolone cheese arose, and the sandwich’s popularity grew from there. The sandwich has changed quite a bit over the years. with descriptions such as adding grilled peppers or mushrooms or change the type of meat But its essence remains the same, and the cheese sandwich is perfect for those who like it!

National Sandwich Day Is A Great Excuse To Enjoy A Meal That’s Both Perfect And Portable

Since inception Cheese products are often associated with Philadelphia. origin In fact, many people call Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, making them more believable.

National Cheesesteak Day 2023

National Cheesesteak Day offers a unique opportunity to celebrate and honor the glorious sandwich that has been loved for nearly a century. Get ready for deliciousness on National Cheesesteak Day!

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William Penn founded this town in Pennsylvania, England, 250 years before cheese was invented there.

National Cheesesteak Day 2023

For The Second Year In A Row, Miami Grill And Miami Subs Celebrate National Cheesesteak Day With Special Sweepstakes And Offer

Philly beef is said to have been invented by hot dog vendors who grilled meat to make sandwiches.

At Pat’s King of Steaks in Philly, the cheese is on top of the sandwich and the name became the Cheesesteak Sandwich.

National Cheesesteak Day 2023

Charlie Sheen’s first cheese shop opened in Columbus, Ohio, near the Ohio State University campus.

Pat’s King Of Steaks Now Available For Order Nationwide

A day that honors food brings with it the best opportunity to celebrate! National Cheesesteak Day is no different. Keep it simple or go the extra mile on this wonderful day using these fun ideas:

National Cheesesteak Day 2023

Isn’t it obvious that the best way to celebrate the day is with a warm, delicious freshly baked cheese sandwich?! Charlie’s Philly Steaks is a chain of nearly 700 restaurants serving customers in 46 US states. and 17 countries around the world. Visit Charlie’s or a delicious cheese shop. and order a delicious sandwich in honor of National Cheesesteak Day.

Those who like to cook a little in the kitchen might want to consider making their own sandwiches for National Cheesesteak Day. Start with some ribeye steak and thinly slice it (tip: freeze the steak for 30-40 minutes for easy slicing), or ask your butcher to do it for you.

National Cheesesteak Day 2023

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Place the onion slices on a grill or rack. Meat salt and mix with onions. Slice and sprinkle with provolone cheese. Then spread it with buttered bread crumbs! no!

Of course, one of the best ways to celebrate National Cheesesteak Day is to travel to the city where it all began: Philadelphia is the best place in the world to eat and enjoy. cheese sandwich You can find many famous cheese restaurants here. And this is the perfect day to try it. while you were there Be sure to check out iconic American landmarks like the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross House, Independence Hall, and more!

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National Cheesesteak Day 2023

Classic lovers can keep it fresh in celebration of National Cheesesteak Day. at a hot dog stall)!

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It has a very tender texture with cheese sandwiches, sweet grilled and onion cheese flavors.

National Cheesesteak Day 2023

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National Cheesesteak Day 2023

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National Cheesesteak Day 2023

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National Cheesesteak Day 2023

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