May 31, 2023

Marlins Opening Day 2023 Tickets

Marlins Opening Day 2023 Tickets – When the National League rival Mets and Marlins meet on Opening Day next Thursday at Lawn Depot Park at 4:10 p.m. ET, and it will be a matchup of Cy Young Award winners … who aren’t the current favorites.

Mets right-hander Max Scherzer (2013, 16, 17) and Marlins righty Sandy Alcantara (22) will move to right after New York decided to give the ball to Scherzer, who is entering his second season in Queens. Passing rookie Justin Verlander (’11, ’19, ’22).

Marlins Opening Day 2023 Tickets

Marlins Opening Day 2023 Tickets

The battle between Verlander and Alcantara marked the first time in history that the Royals’ Cy Young Award winners met on Opening Day the following year.

The Marlins Go All In On Baseball’s New Rules

Scherzer said: I want to compete with the best. He established himself as one of the best in the game. That’s what Major League Baseball does, it constantly pits you against the best and constantly puts you in extreme situations. Time.”

Marlins Opening Day 2023 Tickets

A pair of three-time Cy Young Award winners in Scherzer and Verlander picked a party the Mets were there for, and did so in Queens with a year on their resume. It was another good season for Scherzer, who posted a 2.23 ERA in 23 starts in his introduction to his new team.

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Scherzer’s main problem is a left oblique that cost him six weeks in the first half of the season, along with an extra start in September. But there were also some performance issues. A healthy tight end, Scherzer drove in four runs in a crucial October game against the Braves and then drove in seven in a wild-card Series loss to the Padres.

Marlins Opening Day 2023 Tickets

Miami Marlins Home Opener

Take away those starts, and Scherzer was usually brilliant. Now 38, the future Hall of Famer appears to be past his days as a 220-inning workhorse, as minor injuries have limited him to an average of 165 2/3 innings over the past three seasons in the major leagues. Scherzer finished in the top three in Cy Young voting in two of those.

Against the Marlins, he went nearly undefeated in his career, posting a 2.94 ERA in 26 starts. Scherzer did not face them last season. It will be his seventh Opening Day start, but his first with a team other than the Nationals, and Verlander started the opener against Scherzer every year when both were with the Tigers.

Marlins Opening Day 2023 Tickets

Who would get the nod to Miami was a foregone conclusion. Four months after becoming the first Marlin to win the NL Cy Young Award, Alcantara, 27, continues to make franchise history by becoming the first pitcher with four Opening Day hits. Starting in 2020-20, he allowed just three earned runs in 17 2/3 innings (1.53 ERA), but the club went 1-2 that first season due to a lack of run support.

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Marlins News: Pablo Day; 2023 Milb Season Preview Show

However, Alcantara gave up four earned runs in each of his home starts against the Mets during his Cy Young Award-winning campaign. Miami lost both games. New York is slated to field a nearly identical lineup in 2023, so Alcantara will have to make changes to see better results.

Marlins Opening Day 2023 Tickets

Alcantara last took the mound at Park Warm Depot on March 11, when he started the Dominican Republic’s first pool game against Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic. He gave up three runs on five hits and three walks into the fourth inning and took the upset loss.- Thursday, March 30 against the New York Mets with a four-game series at Lawn Depot Park. The club today announced the 2023 regular season schedule home game times (

Next season, the New York Yankees will visit LoanDepot Park for a weekend series in August, 20 years after the Marlins beat the Yankees to win their second World Series in 2003. American League Astros, Athletics, Blue Jays, Royals, Tigers and Twins. Additionally, Marlene’s family will celebrate Jackie Robinson Day (April 15), Mother’s Day (May 14), June 19 (June 19), Fourth of July, and Roberto Clemente Day (September 15).

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Marlins Opening Day 2023 Tickets

Opening Day 2023: Mets Vs. Marlins

The Marlins will continue on a family day at 6:40 p.m. The time for weekday night games changes to 4:10pm on most Saturdays. Game time after fan feedback.

Before the season begins, Lone Depot Park will host all three rounds of the World Baseball Classic, and Marlins membership is the only way to gain exclusive access to the premier international event. With a 10-game commitment, fans can save prime seats and access the 2023 spring and summer entertainment schedule at Lawn Depot Park with a Marlins membership. For more information, visit

Marlins Opening Day 2023 Tickets

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