September 22, 2023

International Read Aloud Day 2023

International Read Aloud Day 2023 – World Reading Day is celebrated on the first Wednesday of February and falls on February 1 this year. Today is not only dedicated to reading, but also to the art and practice of reading aloud. Even before the invention of storytelling, it continued from generation to generation. Oral storytelling forms are the primary means of storing human knowledge, understanding and creativity. Today helps us revive this tradition of reading while promoting literacy.

Litworld is a non-profit organization working exclusively in the field of education and literacy. Their mission statement reads, “To empower children and communities through the power of story.” Reading aloud benefits children and their caregivers by improving spelling as you hear the correct pronunciation of words. It strengthens the social relationships and understanding that the audience has with the characters in the story. This is what the day is trying to achieve.

International Read Aloud Day 2023

International Read Aloud Day 2023

In 2010, she launched World Read Aloud Day for the first time to promote audio and storytelling around the world. It has now become a real global movement with a number of popular on Twitter and the approval of many celebrities. According to their website, the day celebrates “the joy and energy of reading and sharing stories” and “expanding the definition and scope of global literacy.” The good news is that the world is more literate than ever. The literacy rate of 15- to 24-year-olds increased from 87,286 in 2010 to 90,537 in 2019. There is a similar increase in the literacy rate for adults around the world.

The Great Gift Of Reading Aloud

There are still significant differences in literacy around the world, with Chad recording a youth literacy rate of just 22% in 2016. There are also a number of countries in sub-Saharan Africa, such as Nigeria, Mali and Central Africa. Less than 50% of the Republic in 2018. World Read Aloud Day is an initiative seeking to address these differences.

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International Read Aloud Day 2023

The Chinese version of “Diamond Silk” is considered to be the world’s first modern print book.

Whether the purpose of the day is to read to children or with other adults, you can always use it as an opportunity to practice your own storytelling skills.

International Read Aloud Day 2023

Unstoppable: (family Read Aloud Book, Silly Book About Cooperation): Rex, Adam, Park, Laura: 9781452165042: Books

There are many activities, reading lists and podcasts available on sites like Litworld and Scholastic. They have activities and challenges centers with resources available to participate in World Reading Day.

Measuring literacy around the world is a complex exercise due to the different definitions of literacy and the different methods used. For example, in some cases, reports are published based on an individual’s self-assessment, as opposed to a more reliable literacy test. It creates challenges when comparing data across countries.

International Read Aloud Day 2023

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World Read Aloud Day Around The World In 2023

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International Read Aloud Day 2023

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<! – .wpforms-container – We believe that reading aloud is a necessary and Enjoy a successful literacy life. With World Read Aloud Day coming up on February 3rd, we would like to introduce the upcoming Global Book Party as a fun way to expand the power of children's books and audio.

Whether the students in the physics class study almost with their teacher or study at home with their family

International Read Aloud Day 2023

World Read Aloud Day

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