September 22, 2023

Gin And Tonic Day 2023

Gin And Tonic Day 2023 – To celebrate this ancient drink, National Gin and Tonic Day is celebrated every year on April 9th. Like pancakes and maple syrup. bacon and eggs; spaghetti and meat; peanut butter and jelly; And cider and ice cream. Something like a G&T (gin and tonic) felt right. ok Currently dreaming about food.

What makes gin and liqueur so special is that it’s so easy to prepare, yet surprisingly delicious. The ingredients in the name are; Nothing could be easier than that, right? A G&T is the perfect everyday drink. Just kidding, Suitable for overnight stay.

Gin And Tonic Day 2023

Gin And Tonic Day 2023

Gin has been on a roller coaster ride through the centuries with its go-to. Its origins are even more interesting. Gin and syrup was invented by officers of the armed forces of the East India Company operating in the Indian subcontinent. Malaria was a frequent problem for Europeans living in India and other tropical regions. In the 1700s, Scottish physician George Cleghorn researched the use of quinine to prevent malaria. Quinine is taken with tonic water, but it is bitter.

National Gin And Tonic Day

In the early 19th century, Indian army officers used quinine in water, sugar He started drinking a mixture of lemon and quinine. And so the famous gin and juice cocktail was born. Officers were given gin as part of their meals, so this drink was easy to make. It is no longer used as an antimalarial today, contains less quinine, and is usually as sweet as ever, and completely non-bitter.

Gin And Tonic Day 2023

Winston Churchill said, “Gin and tonic has saved more English lives and minds than all the doctors in the empire.” Now for some impressive compliments. Soon, Schweppes’ famous lotion arrived in 1783, aimed at the growing population of Englishmen overseas who had to take quinine as a daily preventative medicine. Schweppes and other commercial pharmaceuticals flourished in the colonies and eventually in England. So it seems that India has malaria and the British Army to thank for this sweet and savory combination called the G&T.

British citizens and military personnel in India were given quinine soda; Tonic water is made after mixing sugar and lemon.

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Gin And Tonic Day 2023

Alcohol Free Gin & Tonic — Some Good Clean Fun

The British Empire took control of India after the Nepali Rebellion and blocked the flow of British and G&T.

People’s depression is unhappiness, crime insanity Blamed for declining mortality and birth rates. For the first time in women’s offices, women drank with men, and this was believed to mean women abandoning their children and turning into prostitutes.

Gin And Tonic Day 2023

You can add three parts gin to five parts water. One year of ordinary school Good for two.

Saffron Gin And Tonic

An Austrian study of 953 people found that those who drank gin and juice showed more psychiatric symptoms than those who preferred other drinks.

Gin And Tonic Day 2023

Many ice cubes lower the temperature of the juice; This means that the carbon dioxide gas in the juice is removed, keeping the alcohol fresher for longer.

Animal Care and Control Week Animal Control Week National Dog Food Recognition Week National Public Safety Week Pan American Telecommunications Week World Hula Week (Merrie Monarch Festival) Appomattox Day Bataan Day Edinburgh Science Festival Day International ASMR Day Jenmbokins Ears Baked Ham National Bodhi Day Pineapple Day National Chicken Day National Little China Awareness Day National Almond Chip Day National Prisoners of War Confession Day National Gin and Tonic Day National Women’s Day. It was founded in honor of the beloved Mary Edith Keyburn, who died in 2010 aged 95 with a cup of G&T at her bedside in a US hospital.

Gin And Tonic Day 2023

Cocktails Around The World: Gin And Tonic From England

According to friends who commemorated the day, Edith was ‘a wonderful woman who occasionally indulged in gin and liqueurs’. His family smuggled the G&T into the hospital in bottles of water and simply hid it in a teacup.

Starting with family and friends, the International Gin and Tonic Day Facebook page was established in 2012. In the following years, It started spreading from the east coast of the United States around the world.

Gin And Tonic Day 2023

Gin and Tonic is the most popular cocktail in the world. This is one of the easiest juices. In 18th century England, when raiding through Indian territory, the idea of ​​mixing bitters with aromatic gin was born. In those days, soldiers treated malaria with bitter drinks. They mix gin and tonic to make it even more fun to drink. Then it cost a penny and was considered a poor man’s drink. Gin and juice is gin. A simple cocktail consisting of distilled water and often lime. But there are more challenging drinks that use other herbs and fruits as ingredients. On National Gin and Tonic Day, we raise our glasses and celebrate this innovative drink.

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International Gin & Tonic Day (oct 19th)

In the seventeenth century, Spanish explorers discovered that present-day Peruvians treated fever with quinine bark. Brought to Europe to treat malaria, it was discovered that it could also prevent the infection. India became a British colony in 1857 and the colonialists, Soldiers and travelers often faced malaria there, so they used quinine to help them survive.

Gin And Tonic Day 2023

Quinine is bitter, so it dissolves in sugar water and soda water. The first commercial labor water containing quinine was introduced in 1858. In 1870, Schweppes launched the “Indian Quinine Tonic” and marketed it overseas to Britain, encouraging the daily consumption of quinine. This lotion contained more quinine than today’s labor water. It soon infected his country.

The precursor to gin was brewed in Holland in the 17th century and made with herbs such as coriander and thyme. The British learned this while fighting on Dutch soil in the Thirty Years’ War. They brought it home and found the creation of life. As gin became popular in the late 19th century, British colonies and soldiers in India mixed it with Schweppes Indian Cinchona Tonic, and the gin maker was born.

Gin And Tonic Day 2023

The Surprising Reason Gin And Tonic Was Invented

During the First World War, gin and liqueurs became a staple in British clubs and bars. In post-World War II America, they became a favorite of national teams. But the classic cocktail, which gained popularity in the 1970s and ’80s, took a backseat to the obvious spirit as gin replaced vodka. But gin and medicine has made a comeback in the twenty-first century, and today we celebrate National Gin and Tonic Day.

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Celebrate the day with gin and energy. Create your own classic recipe or try a drink version. You can also enjoy gin and juices at one of the best gin bars in the world.

Gin And Tonic Day 2023

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Blue Gin And Tonic Cocktail

Gin is a mango-flavored distilled spirit widely consumed around the world. Treating the spirit as a medicinal drink, European monks and alchemists made it into the process of making aqua vitae. The oldest genealogical records go back to Benedictine monasteries in southern Italy. Juniper was an important part of the doctor’s equipment during this period. for example, In Bubonic Plague; Doctors infused their plague muscles with juniper to ward off the Black Death. The oldest records

Gin And Tonic Day 2023

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