September 22, 2023

Evacuation Day 2023

Evacuation Day 2023 – Evacuation Day is celebrated every year on March 17. It is a public holiday in Suffolk County, including Boston, Massachusetts, United States. It marks the day British troops evacuated Boston during the American Revolutionary War. Boston is the county seat of Suffolk County, where many activities are held each year in honor of this event. Evacuation day is a holiday for most people, as schools and most businesses are closed on that day. The Dorchester Heights Monument, made of white marble, commemorates the events of Evacuation Day.

Evacuation Day marks the first major military victory of the United States during the American Revolutionary War. On this day in 1776, British troops were forced to leave Boston after General George Washington (the first President of the United States) successfully secured Dorchester Heights.

Evacuation Day 2023

Evacuation Day 2023

British Army General William Howe found heavy cannons against his troops and the British fleet. And rather than repeat the casualties of the Battle of Bunker Hill, the British troops quickly left on March 17, never to return. The sacrifices and efforts of America’s Continental Army were celebrated on American Evacuation Day in 1901, and Dorchester Heights in South Boston is commemorated where rebel soldiers set up heavy artillery to attack British warships. The area was strategically important because of its elevation and view of Boston and its harbor. That’s why Boston also celebrates Refugee Day.

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Both Evacuation Day and St. Patrick’s Day are celebrated on March 17th, which is perfect since many of Suffolk County’s residents are of Irish descent! Today we still recognize Irish Catholics for helping General George Washington defeat British troops on March 17, 1776. Evacuation Day is celebrated in Massachusetts with re-enactments, essay contests and visits to historically significant sites.

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Evacuation Day 2023

On July 2, Congress voted and declared independence, and two days later the Declaration of Independence was adopted.

Evacuation Day is a national holiday in Suffolk County, Massachusetts. The day is celebrated on March 17 and the following cities participate: Boston, Chelsea, Revere and Winthrop. Somerville, Massachusetts Public Schools also recognize the holiday

Evacuation Day 2023

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For the first time, the city began to celebrate. Patrick’s Day in 1876, but only in 1901 was evacuation day dedicated to the holiday. Since then, March 17th has been an official holiday in the Boston area to celebrate the first victory of the United States in the Revolutionary War.

On March 17, 1776, British forces had to evacuate Boston by ship. For safety, they traveled to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Evacuation Day 2023

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Evacuation Day 2023

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<! — .wpforms-container –"Evacuation Day" and Washington's Triumphal Entry into New York City, November 25, 1783. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

While today’s November brings holiday preparations, Thanksgiving gatherings and the rush of Black Friday shopping, previous generations of New Yorkers celebrated the season with a different twist.

Evacuation Day 2023

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Once a local New York holiday, Evacuation Day had the same significance as the Fourth of July. Commemorating the evacuation of British soldiers from New York after the War of Independence, the soldiers’ exodus was celebrated every year in the 20th century. Although interest has increased over the years, Evacuation Day was one of the most important festivals in the city in its time.

At the end of the occupation of America, the last British soldiers to serve in the American Revolution left Manhattan on November 25, 1783. After their departure, the city was secured by the American troops under General Knox, who were immediately recalled. For all New Yorkers to greet Governor Clinton and General Washington in Lower Manhattan.

Evacuation Day 2023

Clinton and Washington were escorted to the Cape’s Tavern by the troops, representatives of the New York government, General Knox and his officers, and the President of the Assembly.

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Meanwhile, American troops attempted to remove the British flag from Castle Clinton (known as Battery Fort). However, thanks to the sabotaging talents of the British soldiers (oiling the flag and cutting the rope), it was quite a difficult task.

Evacuation Day 2023

After a failed attempt to climb the pole, the young sailor finally used wooden sticks to successfully climb it and raise the American flag instead of Britain. This triumphant symbol led to the first Evacuation Day celebrations, which lasted several days.

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Beginning with a public dinner hosted by Governor Clinton at Fraunces Tavern, more than 120 guests celebrated with 13 formal toasts honoring Washington and his officers. Celebrations continued until Washington left the city a week later on December 4.

Evacuation Day 2023

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On the first anniversary, the day of the evacuation was marked by the ringing of church bells, the raising of the flag on drums (first greased) and a party at the City Tavern – the New York Gazetteer reports.

Inspired by veterans and patriots of the Order of Columbia or the Tammany Association, Evacuation Day became one of the city’s most important holidays and an official school holiday in the 19th century. at the beginning of the century

Evacuation Day 2023

Unlike the Fourth of July, this holiday celebrates military valor and revolutionary ideals with fireworks, holidays, military exercises, parades, and patriotic games. The celebrations became excessive and the public enthusiasm for elaborate anniversaries was so strong that in 1809 the city tried (unsuccessfully) to limit the growing holiday budget.

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Although it was once a very popular celebration throughout the city, interest in the holiday waned in the 19th century. By the middle of the 20th century, few witnesses remained of the original Evacuation Day.

Evacuation Day 2023

The past efforts of Revolutionary War veterans were not continued by the next generation, and public attention shifted to the celebration of thanksgiving in late November, when it gained importance as a national holiday.

Uniquely New York, this New York-style holiday has taken the rest of the country by storm, prompting the question, “Why?

Evacuation Day 2023

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