October 2, 2023

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

Dq Free Cone Day 2023 – Dairy Queen’s Free Cone Day usually takes place on March 20 to celebrate the first day of spring. Illustration / via Getty Images Bloomberg

Bad news for ice cream lovers: Dairy Queen is canceling its annual Free Ice Cream Cone Day due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

Traditionally, the fast-food chain distributes small soft vanilla cones each year, usually on March 20, to celebrate the first day of spring.

Dairy Queen Cancels Free Cone Day 2021 Due To Covid 19

“As spring approaches, we are all looking forward to Free Hat Day, an event with long queues at our restaurants. Due to the COVID-19 situation, it was a difficult decision to cancel this year’s event. Safety and security of our crew members,” the company said in a statement.

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

Due to the pandemic, the special ice cream event was postponed for the second time in a row. While the Minneapolis-based company said it was a “difficult decision”, it added that the team hopes to bring back the free Cone Day in 2022 and “kindly congratulate our fans”.

The reaction was stirred. Many ice cream lovers shared their disappointment with the cancellation, including that people expect nothing during these difficult times.

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

Dairy Queen Celebrating Start Of Spring With Free Ice Cream Cones

One person wrote, “Hey all the bad guys, remember that some people are stuck in their homes for months with no real pay. Anything that’s free can be a special treat.”

“I mean, from the free cone you can just drive, BUT after saying it’s pretty ridiculous to be upset about the free $2 cone,” they said.

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

Others posted in support of Dairy Queen and said the decision was the most responsible choice during the pandemic.

Dairy Queen Is Giving Away Free Ice Cream Cone Today To Celebrate First Day Of Spring

One customer wrote, “I applaud them for taking care of all of us. Sorry, you won’t get free hats.”

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

Another said that the decision was “Totally understandable. I will never stop enjoying DQ. I love the food there!”

Free Cone Day is just one of the much-loved free food events postponed due to the pandemic. Last year, Chick-fil-A brought Cow Appreciation Day online, while Ben & Jerry’s canceled Free Cone Day to keep everyone safe.

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

How To Get A Free Ice Cream Cone At Dq!

Last week, IHOP canceled its National Pancake Day promotion to avoid overcrowding its restaurants. But the restaurant does allow customers to join an IOU program that requires anyone who wants free pancakes to sign up for the company’s email club by March 31.

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Alyssa Newcomb is a freelance writer covering breaking news and popular culture. She is also a business and technology contributor to NBCNews.com and Fortune.com she. She lives in New York. According to Delish, the annual Free Hat Day has been a tradition at the Dairy Queen since 2006 on the first day of spring. But unfortunately for fans of the Dairy Queen snack, the pandemic has metaphorically broken that tradition in both 2020 and 2021, according to Today. As the chain explained on its Facebook page in February 2021, due to the “long queues” likely to attract the annual event and the current state of the COVID-19 outbreak, they said: “We made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s event” was considered a matter of salvation. Many commenters expressed disappointment, but Dairy Queen offered consolation: “We look forward to bringing Free Cone Day back in 2022 and sweetly congratulate our fans.”

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

While not exactly a mention, it actually refers to Dairy Queen’s promise to bring back Free Hats Day this year. (And fortunately, we’ve reached a “new moment in the fight against COVID-19”, which often refers to a return to “normal operations” at the White House press conference on March 2.) It seems that one of them is to win a free Dairy Queen hat on the first day of spring. The question, then, is whether we can expect the holiday to return to this successful month (March 20 is the official first day of the season, after all).

Dairy Queen Offers Free Ice Cream Cone On First Day Of Spring

Dairy Queen has canceled the last two annual Free Hat Days (today and via Facebook) due to COVID-19. But as the pandemic recedes (according to the March 2nd White House Press Conference), Dairy Queen is bringing back her iconic holiday this month.

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

A representative of the fast food chain confirmed that Free Hat Day will return on March 21. March 20, if not the first day of spring, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, but rightly so.

Free Cone Day 2022 is also likely to have a charity tie. According to Hot Coupon World, Dairy Queen has raised more than $120 million for the Children’s Miracle Network over the past three decades. And on March 7, The News Herald reported that Dairy Queen will offer Beaumont Children’s Hospital (which is also a member of the Children’s Miracle Network) a $1 donation to customers the chance to add a sauce to their free cone. In the year that the pandemic is on hiatus, the frozen gift festival held on the first day of spring every year returns on Monday.

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Dq Free Cone Day 2023

Free Cone Day Dairy Queen Ice Cream On March 20

The chain will be handing out free mini vanilla waffles all day Monday while stocks last. Expect long queues for popular ice cream treats.

There is a limit of one free cone per person and non-participating mall locations. Offer does not apply to digital or home delivery orders.

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

In 2020, Dairy Queen “postponed” Free Cone Day but did not reschedule the event. Free Cone Day was canceled last year, and the chain says the day was known for “long queues at our restaurants.”

Grab A Free Frozen Treat From Dairy Queen On Free Cone Day

MCDONALD’S COMING SOON: McDonald’s is bringing back Szechuan Sauce. Here’s how and when you can get it for free.

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

But as COVID-19 cases continue to decline, many businesses are returning to promotions that are known to draw crowds. Costco recently announced that it will end premium watches and return to regular hours on April 18.

Order early on Monday’s Dunkin’ app and get 100 bonus points equivalent to a free drink bonus.

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

First Day Of Spring 2018: Get Free Ice Cream Cone Today At Dairy Queen

McDonald’s has a number of ongoing deals on its app and MyMcDonald Rewards program. Daily deals and offers may vary by account and region.

No app? McDonald’s website says you can get free large fries when you download the app and join MyMcDonald’s Rewards through March 31.

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

Wendy’s has some limited time mobile app deals. This chain claims to have “Official Breakfast” and “Official Burger” by March Madness.

Dairy Queen Free Cone Day Is Back And I’m So Excited Kids Activities Blog

For a limited time, Domino’s will give you a $3 “tip” for ordering pizza online and picking it up yourself rather than home delivery.

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

Place orders by May 22 and receive a $3 coupon code to redeem next week for orders $5 or more excluding taxes and gratuities.

Plus, earn points to get free pizza with the chain’s Pie Piece rewards program, which you can sign up for at Dominos.com.

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

Dq Dip Cones Are Only 75 Cents Thru April 24; Plus A Brief History Of America’s Ice Cream Darling

Chuck E. Cheese says the Spring-tastic Family Fun Pack will be available for delivery or takeout by April 24. For $34.99, get two large pizzas, Unicorn Cotton Candy, a gift bag and spring event flyer, and 250 e-tickets for your next visit to Chuck E. Cheese.

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MEET CHIPPY: Chipotle is testing a robot called Chippy to make toasted cornbread as restaurants transition to technology.

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

Follow USA TODAY reporter Kelly Tyko on Twitter:@KellyTyko. Join us on our Shopping Ninjas Facebook group for shopping news, tips and deals. The franchise was upset when celebrations were canceled in 2020 and 2021 to avoid long queues and gatherings during the pandemic, but not this year.

National Ice Cream Day: Where To Get Free Ice Cream And Sweet Deals On July 17

Customers can queue up for a free waffle cone with the “collect” icon above and share their enthusiasm on social media by tagging the company (@DairyQueen) and adding messages, hashtags, #FreeConeDay and #HappyTastesGood.

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

Offer valid on all unused events in the US, excluding mall pop-ups. Customers can get a free mini vanilla soft cone, normally $2, by visiting any Dairy Queen restaurant outside of the mall on Monday, March 21. However, restaurants will only offer free desserts until stocks last and will be limited to one per person.

Another point to note is that the campaign will not be valid for home delivery or mobile offers. Customers may need to get to the store early for a chance to enjoy the free candy.

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

Dairy Queen Cancels 2021 Free Cone Day Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

According to the News Herald, the franchise will encourage customers to donate $1 for free hats to Beaumont Children’s Hospital, but it won’t be necessary. Customers also get free hat dips for donations.

The tradition began in 1979 when Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield decided to thank the Burlington community on the occasion of their first annual business anniversary. The business became Ben & Jerry’s, one of the largest and most famous ice cream factories.

Dq Free Cone Day 2023

Like DQ, Ben & Jerry’s has decided to cancel the festival for the last time.

Dairy Queen Celebrating First Day Of Spring With Free Ice Cream Cones

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