September 22, 2023

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

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Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

Aso Dillo returns to Northwestern University on Saturday, May 21st to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Lakeside Festival.

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To prepare, city and university officials held a special meeting with campus neighbors on May 17 to discuss health and safety issues surrounding the day, which expected to draw 12,000 people. Organized by the student group Mayfest Productions, Dillo Day is the country’s largest music festival.

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

Northwest Community and Neighborhood Relations Executive Director Dave Davis and other staff spent months preparing and planning to make sure everything went smoothly.

The first issue that needs to be addressed is the threat of COVID-19 as local issues escalate. Since mid-March, the number of confirmed cases has been increasing in the Midwest, Evanston and Northwest.

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

Dear Northwestern: Anthony Walker, Jr.

Ike Ogbo, director of the city’s Department of Health and Human Services, said that although the new change is highly contagious, it ensures that admission to the hospital, stay in the ICU and the number of deaths was not calculated. That means the vaccine is working, he said. However, he advised people to wear medical masks, especially when indoors.

Northwestern has a vaccination rate of more than 98 percent and an improvement rate of more than 95 percent, University Vice President Luke Figora said about the 80 networks involved. Masks are encouraged but not required as the festival is outdoors.

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

But university officials say they have worked hard over the past two years to improve flu safety, increasing testing and requiring masks at home. Staff also communicate with students on and off campus about safety, respect for neighbors and good behavior, Figora said. Because of this environment, university officials are hopeful that the rate of COVID-19 will not increase after Sale Day.

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Dillo Day 2019 was cut short due to lightning. Many were released in 2020 and held as a mixed event in 2021 due to the pandemic.

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Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

This year, the lakeside campus will feature an outdoor beer garden, local food trucks, entertainment, student art and two more concerts.

All Northwestern students have access to the program. Alumni, faculty, staff and seniors can purchase $15 tickets, with a limited number of $25 tickets available for Evanston residents 18 and older. Upon entry, NU faculty (students, staff, faculty) will receive a purple wristband, and non-NU faculty (students, alumni, residents of Evanston) will receive a yellow bracelet.

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

Ours At Northwestern University: Admission, Features, Atmosphere

According to Northwestern Deputy Director of Safety and Security Eric Chin, cars are not allowed on the lake, bags are checked when people enter, and some police officers have been hired to assist the school police. Hospitals and command centers are on site to monitor weather reports and incidents. Noise meters will be installed in an effort to prevent disruption to Evanston’s neighbors.

Interim Evanston Police Chief Richard Eddington assigned 17 officers to patrol the school grounds this weekend, and Fire Chief Paul Polep said he will be working. the senior officer of the department at the command center.

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

Northwestern School A.J. Rosenthal, associate director of university relations for Mayfest Productions, showed some previews and introduced the festival’s layout. The event will run from 11:30 to 22:15. and student volunteers are ready. “We need a safe trade,” Rosenthal said.

Dillo Day Campus Music Festival Returns Saturday

According to Dean of Students Mona Dugo, her staff met with many students outside the school to discuss the importance of being a good neighbor. All areas that hold large gatherings need to provide portable toilets and extra bins as they are sensitive to noise.

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

According to Dugo, his team also met with the Evanston Hospital emergency department to review plans for the weekend and discuss staffing. In addition, Northwest City paid an additional fee for 311 operators to work from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Saturday. Dugo and at least 15 managers will be here this weekend.

Tony Kirchmeier, interim assistant director of students and director of campus life, said there are water dispensers on Simpson Street and Maple Street to keep participants hydrated. The university provided eight additional bins over the weekend and will pay for more trash picked up the week before and after graduation.

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Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

Sean Kingston To Be The Sixth Main Stage Artist At Dillo Day

Kirchmeier said students and staff will be out Sunday morning picking up trash that is not properly disposed of.

Teyana Taylor will appear at Dillo Day 2019, the event that took place live last year. Credit: Justin Barban Photography/Mayfest Works

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

Those who participated in the zoom session expressed their concerns through discussion, and later during the evaluation, they complained about unruly behavior, drinking too much, being rude in public, littering. and loud music. Many sources say that the rally has already started and the students can’t wait for Dillo Day to start.

Eugene Police Chief Says Weekend Party Behavior Incredibly Frustrating

Rosenthal, Dugo and Davis asked for “kindness and patience” from their neighbors in the Northwest. Their hope is that Dillo Day will make a safe, respectful and economic contribution to the Northwest and Evanston.

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

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Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

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Rain, rain and cold didn’t stop Saturday’s Dillo Day Music Festival, which took the lake beyond Northwestern’s campus. University of Norris.

“Dillo” is short for Armadillo, and this year’s party, the first event since 2019, is a celebration of 50 years. The original Armadillo Day was a group of NU graduates from Texas who came together in the 1970s to reconnect with home through music.

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

With about 10,000 tickets sold by Saturday afternoon and a crowd of 5,000 to 6,000, the festival went ahead despite a 90-minute rain delay.

The Daily Northwestern

Pull the bow and compare before-and-after photos of the Dillo Day Reception Bag, taken in the rain around 12:30 p.m. Then it stopped around 4:30 in the evening. Commentary: Wendi Kromash

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

On the Lake side, there were bean bag games being played, people lining up for food trucks, and crowds waiting to hear more music from the main stage.

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Most of the participants were dressed for the occasion. Cowboy boots seemed to be the shoe of choice. The RoundTable spotted cowboy hats of various sizes, bull-cow carts and other clothing, though no rodeo connection was identified.

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

Joey Bada$$ To Perform At Dillo Day As Daytime Headliner

Happy Dillo Day are (from left) Zoe Marocco, Kasmira Gupta, Luke Fisher, Chloe Sokol and Jackie Prata Credit: Wendy Kromash

Northwestern President Morton “Morty” Shapiro welcomed the crowd at 2 p.m. And open the Whistleton main stage, with the Dutch duo Victor Lake and Ruben den Boer starting the field at 2:24 p.m. Vicetone is known for its electronic soul and dance music.

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

A little later, rapper Kochis played on the main stage. Mayfest Productions described Kochis as “one of the young artists pushing the boundaries of soul trap music.”

Captured: Mayfest Productions Brings 50th Dillo Day To The Lakefill

“The teacher encourages the children to be themselves, to be passionate about what they want and not to worry about other people’s opinions,” said Jack Ding, the customer. Mayfest talent.

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

Middle school student Rebecca Wilson said she was looking forward to seeing and hearing the day’s headliner, Remy Wolf. He described Wolff’s music as “emotional music, really good, you can dance to it, it’s really fun”, and enjoyed his popularity.

When Wolf took the stage at 4:45 p.m., he quickly took control. The audience sang and clapped, enjoying his music, lyrics and energy as an artist.

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

Vicetone Announced As Opener For 50th Dillo Day

“Remy Wolff’s endless entertainment and on-campus presence at Northwestern make him the perfect headliner for the Dillo 50,” said Ethan Shanfeld, Director of Mayfest Production Reserves.

The Roundtable spoke to Unified Security officials to find out if this DILLO is a safe DILLO, as promised at the first Mayfest meeting. Intoxicated students are being treated by emergency responders at the scene, and an Evanston Fire Department representative said they have received several calls about intoxicated students at off-campus parties. A schoolgirl who appeared for Dillo Day was turned away for being drunk. He contacted his friends to pick him up

Dillo Day Northwestern 2023

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