September 22, 2023

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster – At that point, many people are speculating about what next year’s lineup and rotation will look like. The possibilities are endless, especially before the start of the first “regular” season in three years. Regardless, it’s fun to think about the different possibilities, and hopefully next year’s Cubs series will be much better than this year’s. My colleague Luke Parrish wrote an article about next year’s starting rotation draft; So let’s focus on the actual starting list.

The main hitter has to be someone with speed and/or a high on-base rate, and that’s Christopher Morel. Although the modern utility box should be bat at the top of the list. It is currently hitting rock bottom. Morel is a person who can stand fast. He’s struggled of late, but prepare to make major changes and get back to what he did earlier this year — serve as the team’s spark plug.

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

If Nick Madrigal is on the team next season. He will be a backup. Nico Hoerner should be the Cubs second baseman next season. yes Hoerner is the No. 1 shortstop; But as David Ross pointed out in his comments this week, The 2023 shortstop was an easy entry in the offseason. Thanks to Gerner’s performance, his return to second place isn’t the end of the world.

Chicago Cubs 2022 Roster

In short, he is not in the current team. If Xander Bogaerts opts out of his contract with the Red Sox. He will be Chicago’s new quarterback. However, the Cubs should sign Trea Turner if he doesn’t return. Turner will bring a reliable glove in addition to the elite team and speed.

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

All-Star outfielder Ian Gapp will return to the team next season, and after the postseason, the former outfielder deserves a chance to gain some direction in the middle of the order in 2023.

Freshman Seiya Suzuki has been great since returning from Illinois. He is grounded, disciplined and driven. What more could you ask for?

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

Projecting What The 2023 Cubs Starting Rotation Looks Like

The Cubs didn’t trade soon-to-be free agent Willson Contreras at the deadline, and they’re in a position to re-sign him this fall. call him back Let him lead the next great Cubs team.

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Nelson Velasquez was signed earlier this season and has shown great potential. The youngster deserved to start in the first game against the Brewers and became an everyday player.

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

Coming in eighth and adding some power to the bottom of the lineup, Franmil Reyes is the obvious DH option for the North Siders. Putting Reyes back in the fold is a no-brainer. Especially what he’s done since coming to Chicago.

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The Cubs Opening Day first baseman is not currently on the roster. He’ll be another potential free agent signing who will start working on the job before handing over Matt Mervis, who has had good seasons in the minor leagues. Signing Yuli Gurriel to a one-year deal makes the most sense while waiting for Mervis’ call.

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

Nick Madrigal in the Cubs bullpen; Zach McKinstry; Ian Gomez Could include PJ Higgins and Rafael Ortega; But you can expect to see some depth additions in free agency this winter. Opening Day of the 2023 MLB season is just over eight months away; But that doesn’t stop us from speculating about what the Cubs’ rotation could look like next year.

Wednesday Kids Live. before the match Rick Sutcliffe donned a Nostradamus ring and penciled in the team’s starting five.

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

Cubs’ David Ross Lists Core 4 Relievers For 2023 Bullpen

Disclaimer: Sutcliffe is the first to admit that this list does not include any offseason additions via free agency or trade.

Killian, 25, is the Cubs’ top prospect, and the right-hander made his MLB debut earlier this season. He struggled with a 10.32 ERA and 2.03 WHIP in his 3 starts.

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

But Killian has legitimate stuff, this season at Triple-A Iowa (2-1, 3.83 ERA, 1.21 WHIP, 10.7 K/9), and Sutcliffe likes what he sees from him.

Chicago White Sox Announce 2023 Schedule

“I love watching this young right-hander,” Sutcliffe said. “This guy threw a 98 in spring training. Throwing for his second shot.

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

“Maybe he got to the big leagues and decided, ‘I need to get a little better.’ no need, no need, Just fill it with good things for him and his confidence will build.

Sutcliffe also has a great story of Thompson having a gem in Los Angeles last week against the Dodgers (8 Ks, 2 Hs, BB, 1 unearned run in 5.2 innings).

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Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

Chicago Cubs Roster: Chicago Cubs 2023: Projected Line Up After Cody Bellinger And Dansby Swanson’s Additions

Sutcliffe worked as an analyst on the Marquee Sports Network broadcast of that series, and the day after Thompson left, he rode an elevator with Cubs catcher Jan Gomez (who caught Thompson).

“Jane, tell me what you saw last night,” said Sutcliffe. “He said, ‘Sat, I’m not that big. I’ve got a lot of aces. I got a lot of #1 pitchers in Cleveland with Corey Kluber. I got #1 last night.’

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

“How good is it that he’s on the best roster in the National League? This guy is outstanding. He’s getting better. We know he’s a lock in the field. Now we know he can be in the starting rotation. Stop it. That’s No. 3.”

Cubs Minor League Affiliates Unveil Rosters As Season Approaches

Gomez played not only for Kluber, but also for aces like Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg in the Nationals.

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

That’s a compliment for Gomez, and if Thompson becomes an ace, it bodes well for the Cubs’ future.

Currently, the 27-year-old is a highly respected player. He led the Cubs to a 7-3 record this season. Perhaps the most consistent player on the Cubs team this season, with a 3.04 ERA and 1.17 WHIP (11 starts).

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

Cubs Convention 2023 Events Schedule Includes Ricketts Panel

Stroman and Hendricks are big questions at the top of the 2023 rotation due to health issues. Stroman is now in the rotation, but has made just 10 starts and 51.1 innings this season.

Hendricks is currently in IL for 15 days with a shoulder injury, and the veteran right-hander said Wednesday that he will be out 2-3 weeks to rest. That means Hendricks won’t be back until September, if at all this season.

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

“Kyle hates it, it stinks for us, but we’re doing our job and he’ll be back any time,” Ross said.

Current, Former Cubs To Appear In World Baseball Classic

The 32-year-old had a poor start to the season, missing several weeks with a shoulder problem in early June. He seems to be repairing the ship at the end of the month. But he had to leave Milwaukee for Illinois early on July 5th.

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Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

Hendricks will be the key to the Cubs’ 2023 rotation. Until the last few seasons, He had a career 3.12 ERA and 1.11 WHIP. If he can get back to this form when he is fit, he will be a great asset to the team.

Subscribe to the Marquee Sports Network newsletter today for all the latest sports news and stories. The Cubs saw some roster changes this offseason as Jed Hoyer made a roster in front of the office.

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

Projecting The Chicago Cubs Bullpen To Open The 2023 Season

Instead, the Cubs traded catcher Tucker Barnhart; Dansby Swanson, They reportedly agreed to terms with center fielder Cody Bellinger and first baseman Eric Hosmer.

With new players in the mix, there are still many questions to be answered. First of all, who will win the presidency?

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

Three Marquee Sports Network analysts try to predict what David Ross’ Opening Day schedule will look like. All three have had different leads, though they share the No. 2 through No. 6 spots in the Cubs’ lineup.

Cubs’ Current Bullpen Landscape

“You look deep,” Dempster said on Cubs 360. “When Happer goes left, he can go right-left-right-left-right-left. That breaks up the delivery. When he can’t lock down that side of the plate, he’s constantly going back and forth like a pitcher. Hosmer and Barnhart have professional bats, and we’ve got Christopher Morel in the 9-hole, and teams and managers today value that as another leader.

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

“You just reduce the depth and add more pop guys who can hit the ball out of the park. And I’ll tell you what they did, they started on base and weren’t above the radar.”

Hosmer in No. 1 was an unusual challenge, as he had never won a major league hit in his MLB career. However, they have a .336 on-base percentage.

Cubs Opening Day 2023 Roster

Column: September Offers A Chance For The Chicago Cubs To Find Out Who Fits In To The Team’s 2023 Puzzle

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