September 24, 2023

Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023

Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023 – Clarence is a city about 30 minutes northeast of Buffalo with a population of about 30,000.

Clarence’s main street is lined with small green areas for sitting and relaxing. It has a bison statue on the corner.

Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023

Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023

The Links at Ivy Ridge is a large and well-known golf course in Clarence. It is also home to the Famous Dukes Grill.

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This church was built in 1844 and was used until 1957. It has since fallen into disrepair, but is now being restored and restored to its original appearance.

Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023

Clarence Hollow, built in 1810, is directly opposite the 1844 church. It gives this corner a historical atmosphere.

A little further down the main street is the old Clarence Lodge, built in 1911. Now there is an antique workshop that repairs stained glass windows.

Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023

New Report Shows Ginni Thomas’ Effort To Overturn Election Much Bigger Than Previously Reported

Located on the main street, this place is a house, an art installation and a shop specializing in fountains. Its appeal is obvious.

The Asa Ransom House, located on Main Street near Clarence City Park, is without a doubt the most impressive part of Clarence, at least from my perspective. The original building, which can be seen here, dates back to 1853.

Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023

Bob, who didn’t shy away from taking pictures but allowed me to capture him behind the garden, owns this lovely property. He lives on the grounds and welcomed me with full access and a historical tour of the grounds.

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Fourth Of July Carnival Planned At Great Pumpkin Farm In Clarence Delayed One Day

This is a view of the courtyard and guest entrances. The property is excellently maintained and could be described as an oasis.

Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023

A walk through the back door and into the garden takes you to his pond; quiet area full of trees; and a pleasant place to rest.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Asa Ransom’s house were the guest rooms. Bob and his staff didn’t miss a single detail and it shows. He did not want to spoil the atmosphere of the room with a TV, but he understands that some guests want to watch it. His solution was to punch a hole in the wall, install a TV and place a framed photo on it that could be opened like a door. Otherwise, the TV is completely hidden.

Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023

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The first floor is impressive in itself. With a wine rack of over 40 different wines from local vineyards, it has a lovely lobby and a small gift shop.

Tea at 1:00 p.m. at Asa Ransom’s house. Members of the community come and choose from a wide range of teas to sip while enjoying sandwiches and cakes. Mother and daughter allowed me to photograph their tea party.

Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023

The Clarence City Bike Path stretches four miles across the city. Locals had repeatedly told me to check out the trail, and there seemed to be a large cycling community.

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Clarence Thomas’s Radical Vision Of Race

Hollow Bistro and Brew is one of the best restaurants in Clarence and has a large mural on the side of the building.

Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023

The Alexander Sculpture Garden is located near Asa Ransom’s house on Main Street and is in the courtyard of a nondescript white house.

A walk around the outside of the courtyard will bring you to several different statues, such as this one.

Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023

Clarence Roars! The 30th Party 2022

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The Fenwick Lions Carnival returns for three days from May 27-29. Things will kick off on Friday when the center opens at 5 p.m. at Centennial Park.

Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023

Centennial Park will be serving hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and pop mash, as well as fish and chips all evening from 4 to 7 p.m.

Clarence Thomas Isn’t Kidding

On Saturday, it all starts bright and early with breakfast from 8am to 10.30am, followed by barbecues for the next 12 hours from 10.30am to 10.30pm. Half open at noon and continues until 11pm.

Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023

During the day, clowns will work, spin balls and paint faces. At 14.00 there will be a factory auction. later that evening there was a fireworks display at 10:00 p.m.

Things wrap up on Sunday with breakfast served at the food stall from 8am to 11am, followed by lunch from 11am to 4pm. In the middle, it reopens at noon, but closes at 5 p.m.

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Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023

Who Has More Influence On Supreme Court: Clarence Thomas Or His Activist Wife?

Although admission to the park is free, organizers encourage visitors to make a donation to help the Lions defray costs. There are donation boxes in the park. Parking is free.

$25 all-day vouchers are now available, sold in advance with limited availability at Avondale on Haist/Conboro in Fonthill. In Fenwick, they are available at Clarence Service Center, DeVries Fruit Market and Rooted Hair Studio.

Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023

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Clarence Labor Day Fair 2023

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