September 22, 2023

Cincinnati Opening Day 2023

Cincinnati Opening Day 2023 – Yes, there are 25 or so games left in the Cincinnati Reds 2022 season. No, there aren’t many other options for the role I mentioned in the title of this article.

I can not deny these two truths. However, we cannot deny what we have seen since Reds outfielder Nick Lodolo, whose game not only reminds us that there is no competition for him, but the best pitchers have to offer. This game is everywhere. .

Cincinnati Opening Day 2023

Cincinnati Opening Day 2023

Friday’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers, his most recent and famous game, was an incredible 107-pitch hit by the team, from the opposite party for the purpose of the process. He pitched 8.0 IP, and 11 innings, honing his zone skills when he was drafted highly out of Texas Christian University, and in the process considered the role of lead pitcher in this new school of youth. red rebuilt the center.

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On July 25, Lodolo has started 9 leagues. 88 MLB pitchers have logged at least 40.0 IP in that range, Lodolo’s 54.2 ranks 5th among his peers. His 10.54 K / 9 in the range was 13th, tied between his old friend Luis Castillo (10.55) and Uber’s George Kirby (10.23) across the board. His 3.09 FIP beats Castillo (3.15) over that span, and his 1.5 FWAR is tied for 12th with Kevin Gausman.

Cincinnati Opening Day 2023

This is a limited edition, of course. That’s an example that doesn’t include starting against the mighty Dodgers, or Aaron Jude, or the Magic Devils in St. Louis. This includes several starts against the Milwaukee Brewers, and a pair of starts against the Philadelphia Phillies, who were without Bryce Harper at the time. These are the things that can make it hard to believe what we’ve seen from young pitchers in such a short amount of time, but these young pitchers aren’t celebrities or special.

With all due respect to Connor Overton, for example, this is not Connor Overton. He is a two-time 1st round draft pick of the Major League Baseball Draft, most recently the first pitcher off the board during the Reds’ 2019 draft. He dominated when given the chance in the minor leagues, and was one of the game’s top performers throughout his time with the Reds. He hit the ground running at that spectacular moment – it’s not a stretch of imagination, Lodolo would seem like a smooth, quick prospect.

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Cincinnati Opening Day 2023

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The timing of his appearance may be the only surprise in these parts, as the Reds have rarely been seen in the position they have been striving for for years. Injuries, poor performances and the like have long been the bane of many young hopefuls in this region, and 2022 is the cruelest of all possibilities on the Reds’ roster. Tyler Stevenson hit him half a dozen, like Jonathan India on his tour, and Jose Barrero still keeps water in his canoe. We missed a few months of Hunter Greene (when he was not fighting), and the death of Graham Ashcraft was as quick as it came.

Lodolo, however, is one of the few who seems to have improved on the field throughout the year, and is now poised to be a long- and short-term mainstay of the team. It usually starts in Game 1 of every season, and the honor is cemented for the 2023 season. August 2, 2022 has arrived and the Cincinnati Reds are shorthanded in the organization. until it’s time to trade. They have a short line of ears, it seems.

Cincinnati Opening Day 2023

Cincinnati acquired Noelvi Marte and Edwin Arroyo from the Seattle Mariners in a trade that sent Luis Castillo to the Pacific Northwest. Marte and Arroyo joined a short talent pool in the minors. The Reds also traded Victor Acosta for Brandon Dury from the San Diego Padres.

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Not only did the Reds make some short outings in the minor league system, but Kyle Farmer has had success in the big leagues this season. Farmer has torn up the left field this season, but Jose Barrero is the first month of 2022, it seems that most of Farmer’s time will be spent in the third position.

Cincinnati Opening Day 2023

With Barrero now the team’s starting shortstop, who will emerge when the 2023 season begins? Who will open day for the Cincinnati Reds next season?

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If you want to get Cincinnati Reds starting shortstop Victor Acosta in 2023, don’t hold your breath. Acosta was signed internationally by the San Diego Padres last year and is 18 years old.

Cincinnati Opening Day 2023

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Acosta spent the 2022 season in the Arizona Complex League. Signed last year for $ 1.8 million, the Padres seemed to see something they like in the youngster. Acosta hit .285/.431/.484 with 22 extra-base hits last year in the Dominican Summer League.

Acosta is a prospect in every sense of the word, and little should be expected from him over the next few years. Former international signee Jose Barrero is 24 years old and now getting his first real shot at making an impact in the big leagues.

Cincinnati Opening Day 2023

Victor Acosta will need several years of development before he’s ready to make an impact in the big leagues, but the Reds’ top position for young prospect Brandon Dureur in the final two months of the 2022 season shows that Nick Krall is doing well. and the Cincinnati front office acted throughout the transaction. By the sounds of things, Cincinnati Reds manager David Bell has a good idea who will be in the lineup on Opening Day.

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The MLB Season Meetings are underway this week, and it’s unusual for managers and front office officials to speak with the media. In one such session (via, Bell talked about the number of players currently on the Reds’ roster.

Cincinnati Opening Day 2023

It looks like Bell already knows what he’s going to look like every day next season. Where they got that name in the lineup is up for debate, but Reds fans will know a lot of familiarity on next year’s roster.

Fans should not expect a position change for Jonathan Indian next season, despite his awful defensive numbers in the secondary. To suit the 2021 NL Rookie, the calf injury severely affected his performance in the field and at the plate.

Cincinnati Opening Day 2023

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The 23-year-old Indian will look to solidify his position as a leader in the clubhouse and on the field for the 2023 season. If the Indians can get back to where they are in 2021, the entire NL Central will have to watch out.

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Speaking of position changes, don’t look for Tyler Stevenson to go to first base. Joey Votto (if healthy) will fill that role as a starter, and Cincinnati has no replacement behind the plate for Stevenson. Look for Stevenson and Votto to return to their respective positions in 2023.

Cincinnati Opening Day 2023

Spencer Steer, who had a cup of coffee with the Reds in 2022, will be on the team’s Opening Day roster in 2023. If spring training isn’t canceled, fans should expect Steer to take over as the starting pitcher next season.

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Steer is part of Tyler Mahl’s comeback, and the young athlete is respected for his discipline and defense. The Reds can be called the Reds every third day, but he will see more time at the position next season.

Cincinnati Opening Day 2023

Finally, we come to the conclusion. Jose Barrero is currently in the Puerto Rican Winter League, and the Cincinnati Reds will give him every opportunity to get the starting job during spring training. If Barrero continues to punish the air at home, because 2022 is hit and miss, the club has a backup plan.

Cincinnati traded Kyle Farmer to the Twins, but added veteran shortstop Kevin Newman to the roster in another trade. If Jose Barrero doesn’t improve his offensive power, Newman could be Cincinnati’s shortstop on Opening Day. The Reds also have Ellie De La Cruz waiting in the wings.

Cincinnati Opening Day 2023

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Nothing is set in stone, and it looks like the Reds front office could surprise everyone and land another free agent this offseason, however

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