September 24, 2023

Black Friday Record Store Day 2023

Black Friday Record Store Day 2023 – Despite two interrupted, great years, Record Store Day returns in 2022, with the celebration in April, as has been the tradition since 2007.

We are excited to welcome live music to our stores in celebration of Record Store Day 2022. Starting in the morning and continuing throughout the day, enjoy music at Rough Trade from special guests such as Thon Cross, Poppy Azudha, Japan TV (East). , Jords (Nottingham), The Skinny Lister, Lande Hecht (Bristol) and more, plus DJ sets. and a book signing with Johnny Trunk (East).

Black Friday Record Store Day 2023

Black Friday Record Store Day 2023

Please note: If you join us for Record Store Day at Rough Trade East this year, you will find all of our RSD stock for sale at the dedicated RSD window in the Truman Brewery unit on the corner of Eli’s Yard (two doors down) ex).

Black Friday Record Store Day Takes Over Philly

Enjoy this year’s limited edition vinyl lineup, featuring great titles from The McBees, Joni Mitchell, Frightened Rabbit, Sam Fender, Childish Gambino, Weiss Blood, Albert Ayler, Nick Cave, Cypress Hill, Taylor Swift, Blur and many more Huh.

Black Friday Record Store Day 2023

Before the big day, download and print your list of favorites. Simply tick the titles that interest you, hand them over to our staff when you arrive at the counter and they will do their best to deliver your chosen vinyl.

As in years past, we’ll have pairs of All Point East tickets to give away on Record Store Day. On Saturday, April 23, look for Golden Tickets on shelves and bags in stores.

Black Friday Record Store Day 2023

Black Friday Ecommerce: 18 Idea, Tips, And Strategies For 2022

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Saturday 23rd April and join us at Rough Trade East, Rough Trade West, Rough Trade Nottingham and Rough Trade Bristol from 8am onwards to battle it out for a rich and varied collection of new and festive . The continued relevance of independent record stores, many of which have had a tough time in the past two years.

Country-pop queen and this year’s RSD Ambassador Taylor Swift performs “The Lakes,” a bonus track from her masterpiece Folklore, on RSD Exclusive 7.

Black Friday Record Store Day 2023

A welcome return to vinyl that hasn’t been available outside the US since its 1999 release. Beth Orton pushes the boundaries of trip-hop by distilling electronica to its core with a fresh mix of folk. Innocent, emotional, creepy, it features in rock, pop, electronic and trip-hop collections. Limited edition on Pillarbox Red vinyl!

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Best Record Stores In Philly

Mixtape. A love-soaked story voiced by Jaden Smith aka The Boy and beach finds with 90s R&B production

Black Friday Record Store Day 2023

A special LP featuring the best of the second volume of the ongoing Joni Mitchell Archives series. Edition – Composed of never before released, never before heard, extremely rare recordings from Joni’s archive, this historic edition was created entirely with Joni’s input, collaboration, and creative input.

Written by Johnny Trunk, English author, TV presenter, DJ and Trunk Records founder, this unique book collects over 500 amazing bags documenting the fascinating story of British high street shopping.

Black Friday Record Store Day 2023

Black Friday Hits New Record: Report

RSD returns for the 15th anniversary of the band’s Stephen Street-produced debut album, which went gold. It would feature a new version of the artwork that was never used on the LP. With the most popular song The Maccabees,

This anthology features 20 darkly themed original songs by French-influenced avant-pop hero Scott Walker. with further compilations exploring his more accessible material with the Walker Brothers,

Black Friday Record Store Day 2023

Is the ideal introduction to Walker’s fascinating solo work, which has strongly influenced a legion of followers including David Bowie, Morrissey, Pulp and The Divine Comedy.

What Is Black Friday?

Not much can be said about Lady Blackbird’s critically acclaimed album Black Acid Soul, as it is regarded as one of the best albums of recent times. However, there was another clue hidden in the safes

Black Friday Record Store Day 2023

Now we have been gifted a limited edition 7 inch green vinyl bottle for the 2022 RSD.

For 2003, vaudeville villain MF Doom adopted another alias. Where MF Doom drew from Doctor Doom, Victor Von drew from the official name of the Doctor, Victor Von Doom. However, the influence of superheroes and supervillains goes much deeper than the nom de perro, silvery sci-fi vibe musically present in Vaudeville Villain. Long without vinyl, Get On Down 2022 presents this turning point in Doom’s career as a double LP for Diner. Since its inception, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, has turned into the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Black Friday is traditionally about extremely low prices on mass-produced goods and occurs mostly in malls and department stores. But we really love the idea of ​​shopping season, especially when shopping is essentially a way of showing the people you love that you love them. (And a way to show you. Dosing is great too!) And so we created RSD Black Friday. Throughout the year we work to highlight independent businesses in your local community that sell records and other things that make you happy, laugh, sing, relax and bring people together. Anything you find in a record store (or on a record store website) can make a great gift for someone, and wrapping it and giving (or receiving!) it can be a little extra nice, knowing that your Shopping will help local independent stores. There are artists, labels, managers and distribution companies who think the same, and we’ve put together a list of titles for the season of giving that will be available at participating record stores. They’re out on RDS Black Friday (11/25 this year), but may be available in record stores by the end of the year, because record stores are the best place to go with your holiday wish list. Record Store Day and RSD Black Friday are separate events and you can learn more about them in the RSD Black Friday FAQ

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Black Friday Record Store Day 2023

Record Store Day 2022

The list of special editions is below as a website where you can search and find more information, and in PDF format that you can print and use as a wish list or shopping guide.

There are three categories in our list: Exclusive: These titles are physically released only in independent record stores. RSD FIRST: These titles are first in independent record stores, but may be released to other retailers or online stores at some point in the future. Small/Regional Titles: These titles are either regional and sold in specialty stores, or they are titles with print runs of up to 1,000 copies, which means they may be hard to find in record stores across the country. (If a title is regional and not available nationwide, it will be noted in the description. Most titles are in this section of the list because they are limited edition.) A few things to know: *Some titles may can be removed from 11/25 and it will hit record stores another day. Learn more here *Record Store Day does not provide or sell releases to participating stores. Each independent record store makes its own purchasing decisions and may choose to carry some titles and not others. *The number of titles in the RSD Black Friday catalog is limited, as most items are made for a specific period of time or exclusively for certain retailers. This means that the store may not get all the copies they wanted, or the store may run out of issue before you can buy it. (Note: This is the US website for Record Store Day. The number of copies listed on our site is the number available in the US. World numbers are sometimes found in the description for a particular title when we are given this information. ) *The title list is subject to change. Names can be added, names can be omitted, information can be changed. We will update the list when changes are made. *Record Store Day does not own or manufacture the releases (other than those we produce ourselves.) The information on each title has been provided to us by the record company and distributors and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. * Black Friday, for better or worse, is traditionally an American “thing”. Many other countries celebrate the start of the holiday season, although many record stores in those countries may carry some of these releases. If you are not in the US, contact your local record store. (Note: For various reasons, some titles may be introduced and available in some countries but not others. Record Store Day has no control over this.) Record Store Day Black Friday 2022 is upon us and it includes classic, Includes special releases of new and obscure. Albums by elite producers, top jazz pioneers and bluesmen who push boundaries.

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Black Friday Record Store Day 2023

For many of us, Black Friday can mean great deals and cheap prices at the big box stores. But for others, it means one last mad dash down the aisles of your local record store to pick up some of the limited edition wax presses that usually adorn the Record Store Day release list.

Black Friday Updates: November 25, 2022

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