September 22, 2023

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go – Pokémon Go is celebrating April Fools’ Day by switching to 8-bit graphics, which players will be able to enjoy in-game starting today.

“Experience Pokemon Go like never before with state-of-the-art 8-bit graphics!” An announcement posted on the game’s official website looks like a joke. “Recording almost twice the definition of 4K, the large squares of each pixel deliver lifelike detail and incredible definition.”

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go’s 8-bit style isn’t the only recent addition to Niantic Labs’ augmented reality mobile game. Earlier this week, the legendary Pokemon Mew was added to the game with a new research system.

April Fools 2018 Joke Roundup For Games: Fortnite, Pokemon Go, And More

Head over to the Pokemon Go Wiki guide for everything you need to know as you continue your quest to catch it.

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

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April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

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April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

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New Evolution Methods, Rainy Lure, April Fools Day And Other Events Spotted In Pokémon Go’s Network Traffic

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April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

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Throughout the event, Tito is often dressed in nature, and if you play Pokemon Go on Friday, April 1 at 11:59 PM (local time), you can unlock a special mission: April Fools 2-O?-22.

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Brings Back Ash Hat Pikachu For April Fools’ Day

If you want to unlock the special April Fools 2-Oh?-22 mission in Pokémon Go, you have to play before 11:59 PM (local time) on Friday, April 1st. Once you unlock this special mission, you can complete it at your own pace.

However, we recommend completing it on April Fool’s Day 2022 as some of the challenges can be completed easily.

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

The season of legendary favorites Keglion has finally been released in Pokemon Go! The Twinkling Fantasy event is ongoing and includes the release of Mega Solomons. Don’t forget to participate in the new season of Go Battle League. Elsewhere, be sure to use the Daily Adventure Incense for a chance to meet Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres.

Pokémon Go Season Of Alola’s April Fools’ 2 Oh? 22 Event Guide

Here are some tips to help you complete the special April Fools 2-Oh?-22 investigation in Pokemon Go: You are viewing a GN version 5.0 story. Time cannot be type of format, integrity of links, images, information, etc.

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

The following comes from a Famitsu interview with Niantic Japan representative Setsuto Murai and Niantic Japan Marketing Director Kento Suga.

Famitsu: With its practical use of location information, Ingress became a game that gave birth to a new genre. Like Ingress, Pokemon GO will also make practical use of status information and has been announced to be developed by Niantic. How did this project come about?

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Will Host Another Community Day Classic Event And It Stars Mudkip

Murai: We touched on this a little bit earlier (talking about Ingress), but before we went independent, we were a team at Google [manipulation] Google Maps. Remember when we had a “Pokemon Challenge” for April Fools back in 2014?

Famitsu: Yes. When the ability to search for Pokemon appears on Google Maps, you can get Pokemon on the map. I see, that’s where you made your debut.

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April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

Murai: Yes. That Pokemon Challenge was an opportunity to build relationships with people in Pokemon, and then (Pokemon) President (Tsunekazu) Ishihara and John (Hanke, CEO, Niantic) were able to meet and talk. At that time, their thoughts and views were very close, and as a union of their spirits, the speech became “Let’s do something together in the future.”

April Fools Event 2022

Famitsu: So what about the random gathering for the Pokémon Challenge? I remember it was the most amazing collaboration between Google and Pokemon.

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

Murai: At Google, there’s a culture where employees come up with ideas for April Fools games and then build their own teams to make them happen. But for Pokémon Challenge, an employee named Tatsuo Nojima came up with the idea and became the development center. When you make a purchase through links on our site, we may receive an affiliate commission. Here’s how it works.

This year’s Poekemon April Fools event, called April Fools’ 2-Oh?-22, lets you trick Pokémon Go trainers into catching Tito. Only one other Pokemon can do what Tito does, and that would be the legendary Pokemon, Mew, but Tito is very iconic due to its availability and appearance in the Pokemon anime.

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

April Fools’ Day 2019 Roundup

In an episode of the first season of the anime, a certain trainer’s Tito was unable to change his face when he transformed. This led to many memes, and even the Pokemon Company took advantage of the merchandise with Pokemon transformed by Tito. What do you want to do with this year’s April event? Well, there are some good ones in the game based on this particular Tito, and this event itself gives Pokémon Go trainers more opportunities to catch their own Tito.

We’ve put together this guide to give trainers all the information they need, including when the April Fool’s event starts and ends, as well as special quests players can complete.

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go April Fool 2022 event starts on April 1st at midnight local time and ends at 11:59pm on April 1st. local time This is an event with a limited window, so practitioners will want to get out and explore all aspects of the innocent celebration.

April Fools 2022: Pokémon Sleep Re Revealed!

When the trainers release the game, there will be a new story with Professor Willow. The story involves the transformation of Professor Tito.

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

As for the special mission, there are three side missions that students can complete to earn candy and more. Here is the full list of tasks and rewards that trainers can complete.

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Ditto in Pokémon Go A Pokémon can be a difficult Pokémon to find, let alone catch. It doesn’t appear in the outside world, so trainers often have to catch random Pokémon in hopes of finding them.

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

Were It Not For Google’s Love Of April Fools’ Day, Pokémon Go Might Not Have Happened

If a trainer catches a transformed Tito, you will see a different screen where the Pokemon returns to Tito. However, it is likely that only some Pokémon are a modified Tito. Here is the full list of Pokemon.

Tito’s Shiny Pokemon Temple is also available, so there is a chance that the Pokemon you catch will be a Shiny Tito, but the chances are slim.

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

There is no bonus game during the April Fools event. However, trainers can earn special stickers during the 24-hour event.

Google Turns Google Maps App Into Pokémon Catcher For April Fools’ Day

Of course, these stickers are based on Tito, and there are six to collect by opening gifts from friends and rotating Poké Stops. We recommend checking out these stickers, especially the Pokemon Go Ditto team stickers. These three stickers show Tito Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos replacing the Team Valor, Intuition, and Mystic logos.

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

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I am currently a featured contributor of guides on all things Pokemon GO. If you want to know the best way to beat Rayquaza, you might want to read one of my guides. I have previously written for IPTV Media, Newsweek and Screen Rant. I’m a big fighting game and all Pokemon fan, but I loved RPGs. Practitioners, the mysterious event known as April Fools’ 2-Oh?-22 is a one-day event.

April Fools Day 2023 Pokemon Go

Here’s The Best, Greatest, Dumbest April Fools’ Gags This Year

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