March 25, 2023

A Day Game Alabama 2023

A Day Game Alabama 2023 – Alabama’s football season may have just ended, but fans are already looking ahead to 2023.

The 2023 ADay Game will take place on Saturday, April 23 at Bryant Denny Stadium. Kick-off time and TV information will be announced at a later date. Free admission for all fans to get an early look at the Crimson Tide.

A Day Game Alabama 2023

A Day Game Alabama 2023

For the first time in years, you’ll be happy with the quarterback position. With Bryce Young officially headed to the NFL and his little experience, the A-Day game left fans and media in a position to win for Jalen Mirroe, Ty Simpson or one of the two graduates. Provides a first public opportunity to see if there is … a first job in that position.

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The Crimson Tide have lost more than a dozen players to the transfer portal, but have more to come with a new face in Maryland tight end CJ Dippre. Alabama also signed the No. 1 recruiting class in the country on A-day, which gives freshmen their first public appearance at Bryant Denny.

A Day Game Alabama 2023

Alabama’s 2022 season ended with a 45–20 victory and an 11–2 record in the Sugar Bowl. It was the second time in four years that Alabama failed to reach the College Football Playoff.

Since Nick Saban’s first national championship at Alabama in 2009, the Crimson Tide have never gone more than two seasons without a national title. Alabama won the national championship for the last time in the 2020 season. Another year, another #1 overall recruiting class. So does Alabama. As someone who gets to write about recruits every year, it sure makes my job easier when they’re all top recruits.

A Day Game Alabama 2023

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First group the two quarterbacks and running backs together. No matter how much we talk about the importance of other positions, these two do something in football every time they play attack, so compared to all other positions in the team, their contribution is increased.

As usual, a quick overview of each player, info on his training profile (SPARQ is sadly dead), my thoughts on his attributes, and how he is on Alabama’s depth chart and scheme. All rankings and height/weight are taken from the 247Sports Composite. This is because I think the 247Sports Composite does the best job with player ratings and rankings. I will mention if one of the other services has a particularly different opinion about a particular player.

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A Day Game Alabama 2023

Still exists. Players no longer report their scores. Holstein leaks at least the total score from last summer’s elite 11 camp, testing with 133. This is absolutely amazing at any position, let alone QB.

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At 6’4″ and 220+, he’s a big man with explosive athleticism that will have NFL scouts drooling for years to come.

A Day Game Alabama 2023

As a junior, he exploded for 3,000 passing yards and 500 yards rushing, went undefeated to win a state championship and skyrocketed his recruiting rankings when he took home Louisiana Player of the Year. But a shoulder injury early in his senior season cut some of his scoring stats (and reduced his yards per attempt) and dropped him slightly in the rankings, with ESPN still ranking him among the top 30 prospects. We count him as a customer, but in other services he is in the top 100 overall.

As an example, Alabama fans can quickly compare Holstein stylistically to the more refined Jake Coker. You can throw.

A Day Game Alabama 2023

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As for pure arm talent, Holstein can make every throw in the book and does it well. He strikes out regularly, shows off his timing, and even with that arm strength, knows how to throw deep balls and sidelines. They have many arcs of rainbows that disappear. And he makes some really impressive throws while running as well, showing pure arm strength.

He doesn’t scramble much, but when he does, he can be very difficult for a high school defender to tackle. Sometimes he sprints out of the pocket to avoid blitzes. At the college level, he can get into trouble from time to time, but in high school, defenders don’t stand a chance.

A Day Game Alabama 2023

He appears to be closing in on his primary target and will double-team if he isn’t open to start. This is the most important area for him to focus on at Alabama.

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Most of his rushing stats were intentionally run off of read opportunities. He combines a lot of RPO with 2012-style lead-option plays, gaining 11 yards at a time with defenders sticking to the running backs.

A Day Game Alabama 2023

Holstein is a near-perfect fit, assuming Alabama is back with more RPO and rushing for a concentrated attack under Tommy Rees. He excels and can go deep in the timing slant that Saban likes, and his running ability meshes well with the way Reese used the QB at Notre Dame. That was basically the whole premise of the Kiffin/Locksley/Sark era Alabama offense, so I think Alabama will return to that scheme more.

He’s coming from behind, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Holstein up close in the spring games. I will not

A Day Game Alabama 2023

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He’s poised to be a starter at the SEC level at QB on Day 1, but if he shows enough improvement in pocket control soon, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear from him running against Jalen Milroe and Ty Simpson. Please come in the summer

A perennial starter for the 7A Georgia Football Circuit’s playoff-caliber teams, Lonergan comes from nearly the highest level of high school football. He serves as a baseball recruit who already threw over 90 mph as a junior. He also committed to Alabama well after the Tide already had a Holstein pledge, so take that for granted when judging his personality/attitude.

A Day Game Alabama 2023

Lonergan also struggled with turf toe and ended his senior season early, so it’s possible he’ll still be in rehab come spring training.

Alabama Crimson Tide Football Tickets

In many ways, Alabama definitely took the Holstein and Lonergan type this year (bigger, better runners, stronger arms), but Lonergan represents more ups and downs than Holstein.

A Day Game Alabama 2023

His baseball arm is well defined, with a whip-like release, and the ball can be launched from his hand at any angle. In terms of accuracy, he is absolutely phenomenal, especially on nail throws and many other vertical and angled routes in the 15-25 yard range. He is happy to slip the ball between defenders or into a covered receiver, but the defenders have their backs turned. It’s a very confident playing style and mentality that will produce many surprising highlights.

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With the ball in hand, Lonergan is again game. He has a quick, choppy stride that allows him to accelerate much faster than it looks, and he can pull out of a tackle like his life depends on spinning off or getting the first down. Break through.

A Day Game Alabama 2023

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When in the pocket, he usually prefers to throw the ball despite the pressure, but he certainly takes scrambling when given the chance and is very impressive in open space. Occasionally he resets and scrambles to make a good throw, but most of the time his scramble is decidedly forward.

Like Holstein, Lonergan is probably a good fit for what Alabama wants to do. It is possible to move exactly to

A Day Game Alabama 2023

I think the combination of the late-season grass toe and Lonergan’s more…dangerous…style will place him fourth in Alabama’s top order this summer. win his first job as a true freshman, but I think that’s unlikely. He will probably redshirt. I suppose.

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One of Alabama’s most vocal recruiters this cycle, Young is a highly sought-after Florida native who has produced on the 7A circuit since being named a Freshman All-American in 2019. I’m a prospect. 8.2 yards per carry. carry and 42 touchdowns in his career.

A Day Game Alabama 2023

Young is a no-nonsense, one-cut GO-type runner who is very comfortable within blocking schemes and between the tackles. He’s not big or big, but he has great breakaway speed, terrific suddenness, and decent strength.

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