September 22, 2023

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets – Bryce Young appeared at Alabama’s Pro Day on Thursday, one day after CJ Stroud had to announce himself as the number one. One pick in the 2023 NFL Draft on Wednesday.

Young’s showing on his professional day was outstanding. The 5-10, 204-pound quarterback stood his measurements from the 2023 NFL Combine and opted to complete his throwing session on Thursday.

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

Young threw 50 passes as part of a writing practice and managed to complete 44 of them. Of his six mistakes, four weren’t his fault. Both were placed neatly on Jermaine Burton, but the receiver couldn’t pull them off.

Road To A Championship: Part 4

Meanwhile, two more crashed into a lowered roof at a training facility in Alabama. This denied those on hand the opportunity to see how far Young could throw the ball up the field.

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

Young had two misses, both on deep balls. Each time, Young missed the receiver by about a step. If he leaves only a few, or throws in a small touch, then it is complete.

Young’s training was outstanding, showing his best manners and accurate targeting early and often. He always hits his receivers well with speed and always delivers a catchable ball to the receiver in the right spot.

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

Date Set For 2023 Alabama A Day Game

Was Young’s professional day dynamic? Not really, but he shows he’s a smooth, accurate passer who can make all the throws needed to be an NFL starter. This would put him in the mix to be #1 with C.J. Stroud.

Sporting News has been following Young’s performance since his professional day on Thursday. Here are the highlights from Young’s Pro Show in Alabama.

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

14:18 – That’s enough for Bryce Young’s pro day. Almost all of his throws were executed with incredible accuracy. There were some shortcomings, but few led to Yang’s dismissal. Jermaine Barton dropped two catch balls, while at least one more hit the lower ceiling of the training ground.

Gymdogs Return Home To Face Alabama Friday

14:13 – Young missed again, throwing too far in front of his receiver. Every other shot he takes now is on target – with perfect placement.

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

14:10 —And there’s the first time Young has been absent for the day. He demolished his receiver on a layup with about a step.

14:09 – Here’s a good look at one of Young’s throws from earlier in the session. He was accurate most of the day.

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A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

Nfl Draft Big Board: Top 100 Prospects

Bryce Young’s promotional session has begun. The indoor facility was eerily quiet on Alabama’s pro day. — D. Orlando Ledbetter (@DOOrlandoAJC) March 23, 2023

14:06 – Young’s deep pass looks good so far. He just threw it to his receiver and hit his hands. However, the receiver failed to make the catch despite placing the throw perfectly.

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

Bryce Young’s finger was caught by Jermaine Burton. #prodai — Chase Goodbread (@ChaseGoodbread) March 23, 2023

Jags Add Two On Signing Day, Four Mid Year Transfers

14:04 – The guy looked very calm during training. Every few throws, the receivers would regroup and get their next run, but Young didn’t seem too nervous.

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

And another look at Bryce Young was as calm, cool, and composed as ever, flipping coins in front of a very large, silent crowd of NFL coaches, scouts, and front office staff. He wasn’t afraid. #Alabama #ProDai — Kari Osep (@KariOsep) March 23, 2023

14:01 – So far so good for Young. He works the fast game well and gets the ball to his receivers. Right now, he’s just one person who vomits a little too much; However, it is placed in such a way that the recipient will like it.

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

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13:58 – And let’s go. Young is now making an official offer. It starts with a short game and some introductions.

13:54 – Jahmir Gibbs is getting more and more work today. Young delivered it today, and he didn’t even start his 50-yard text.

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

1:46 p.m. — Nick Saban is interviewed as Young warms up his receivers, as he smashes Young’s performance on the field. He also stated, unsurprisingly, that Young’s height was not a concern given his success at Alabama.

Alabama Football: 3 Reasons Why The Crimson Tide Could Bounce Back And Win It All In 2023

Nick Saban on whether Bryce Young’s height affects his game: “Maybe you should ask some of the people he’s played against the last two years and ask them what they think his height has affected his game.” — Clint Lamb (@ClintRLamb) March 23, 2023

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

13:41 – And here’s Bryce Young. He just started training. He’s currently helping his receivers warm up when they come out of breaks in number eight drills. And Young himself basically throws in short curls as a part of it.

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1:35 p.m. — They’ve finished some offensive practice. When he’s done, it’s likely Young’s turn to show his stuff.

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

Men’s And Women’s Swac Indoor Championships Rewind

1:19 p.m. – Young is just beginning to expand as broadcasting transitions into commercials. It won’t be long until now.

Bryce Young was ready in about 10 minutes. It’s getting hot in here now. — Touchdown Alabama (@TDAlabamaMag) March 23, 2023

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

13:07 – Another Bryce Young meeting: He’s expected to speak with the Seahawks post-practice. This news comes from NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo.

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From Alabama’s pro day to NFL News @nflnetwork: Bryce Young got ready to kick off the session with a throw that those in attendance expected would be as impressive as caught on film. — Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) March 23, 2023

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

1:04 pm – The Panthers are doing everything they can to get information on their top quarterbacks. Frank Reich apparently spoke with Young before practice, according to ESPN’s David Newton.

Panthers coach Frank Reich spent some time with Bryce Young before firing him. — David Newton (@DNewtonespn) March 23, 2023

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

Talk Of Alabama| Ursula Smith Dance: V

13:02 – For those wondering what Young is doing up to today, he’s watching his teammates train. He seems to be measuring some with his phone.

Team members support their men and measure them in a 40-yard sprint. Bryce Young took out his phone to use it as a timer for Eli Rex to launch his first phone. Let’s find the unofficial times later 😄 — Kari Osep (@KariOsep) March 23, 2023

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

1:01 p.m. —SEC Network’s Alabama Pro Day broadcast begins. They announced that Young would be expected closer to 1:30 p.m. E.T

Furnace Fest 2023 — Bridge Nine Records

12:59 p.m. — Albert Brier has more coaches ready to see Bryce Young field, along with other Alabama prospects workouts.

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

Among the head coaches on the field for Alabama’s Pro Day, and to see pitching Bryce Young.. • Dennis Allen, Santos. • Pete Carroll, Seahawks. • Matt Eberflus, Bears. • Mike McDaniel, Dolphin. • Josh McDaniels, Raiders. • Frank Reich, Panthers. • Mike Tomlin, Steelers. — Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) March 23, 2023

12:56 PM – We know Slade Bolden will be running tracks for Young. It looks like Jermaine Burton and JaCorey Brooks will also be in on the practice. A good opportunity for an Alabama receiver to get some NFL appearances.

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A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

Tulsa Drops Both Games In Final Day Of South Alabama Invitational

Alabama VR Jermaine Burton has been released and is expected to direct tracks for Bryce Young. TDAlabamaMag — Justin Smith (@Jdsmith31Smith) March 23, 2023 Alabama VR Ja’Corey Brooks prepares for Alabama Pro Day. Another large-scale MD will run tracks for Bryce Young. TDAlabamaMag — Justin Smith (@Jdsmith31Smith) March 23, 2023

12:40 p.m. – Prospects are now doing long jump training. Eli Ricks’ 10-7 mark was the strongest, while Cameron Lato also made a 10-foot clearance to show off his playing ability.

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

Alabama’s top long jump numbers from Pro Day: -Eli Ricks: 10’7″ -Cam Latu: 10’0″ -Jordan Battle: 9’6″ -Biron Young: 8’9″ -Kendall Randolph: 8’5″ — DJ Dale: 9’10” TDAlabamaMag — Stephen M. Smith (@CoachingMSmith) March 23, 2023

Bryce Young Pro Day Results: Highlights As Alabama’s Qb Shines During 2023 Nfl Draft Workout

12:38 p.m.: Bryce Young will only participate today. He’s not running 40 or doing any exercise. Thus, his 50 or more passes would be the most important.

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

Bryce Young is only expected to perform at Alabama’s Pro Day. As CJ Stroud of OSU no. 40. — David Newton (@DNevtonespn) March 23, 2023

12:24 p.m. — NFL folks aren’t the only ones on Bryce Young’s pro day. His father was there too. The two were spotted chatting before the event.

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

Wayne State Football Announces 38 Recruits In 2023 Class On National Signing Day

Bryce Young and his dad share a moment during #Alabama Pro Day, — Garrett Franks (@garrett_franks) March 23, 2023

12:08 pm – Unsurprisingly, Young didn’t appreciate his pro day. He tipped the scales at 204 pounds in the NFL, and he’ll let that number go.

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

Bryce Young wasn’t opinionated on Alabama’s pro day this morning. It will stand at 204 pounds from the Exploration group. — Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) March 23, 2023

Wbk Preview: Vs Alabama

12:03 PM – For those wondering if Will Anderson would do it today, this will give you an answer. He looked like he was ready to get up

A Day Alabama 2023 Tickets

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