September 22, 2023

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations – Filled with dynamic in-game photography of beloved players and mascots, inserts celebrating the “American Era,” rare matching base cards and signature and relic cards, Topps Opening Day 2022 has something for every collector.

200 of the game’s most popular stars, rising stars and new rookies are featured here. Includes player cards to be featured in Series 2 of Topps Baseball!

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

Opening Day: To celebrate the start of the season, the Cards are taking on the competition for the first game played in the 2021 MLB season.

This Week In Baseball Cards

New! Triangular Playing Cards: A unique triangular study card featuring the best players in the game.

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

Sneak Peeks: Get a glimpse of your favorite players as they watch the game, interact with teammates, or just relax in the group.

Base Card Image Variants: More than 25 players will receive an image variant base card with a completely different image for the 2021 MLB season.

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

Topps Baseball Factory Set Rookie Variations Checklist Info

Opening Day Autographs: Up to 20 MLB rookies and stars are celebrated with autographed tickets.

Double Diamond Relics from Predator War: Two players pictured on the front and back of the card with dirt from the previous players’ field.

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

Autograph Diamond Relics: The cards will feature the player and the dirt on his baseball diamond, along with an autograph.

Topps Opening Day Baseball Variations Checklist, Gallery, Codes

New! Two Signature Diamond Book Cards: Book Cards start the day for the first time! Dirty stuff displayed in the stadium for players and their autographs.

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

As in previous seasons, the 2022 Topps Baseball Factory Set Rookie variety appears in MLB Ultimate Topps boxes as additional cards.

To the initial disappointment of many, the 2022 Topps Series 2 baseball did not include Spencer Torkelson, Julio Rodriguez or Bobby White Jr. in the basic search list. Although, the trio ultimately made the cut as a stretch pass. The end result is very similar to the 2022 Tops Baseball Complete Factory Set. The three stars added second picks at #658 (Justin Bruehl), #659 (LaMonte Wade Jr.) and #660 (Shohei Ohtani). Backlist “complete sets” under the card number.

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2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

Topps Opening Day Baseball Checklist, Team Sets, Release Date

Another trick is that Topps has not identified the cards in the list, so it can surprise those who open signed sets.

Although it doesn’t happen every year, collectors have seen it before, including Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s bonus. 2019 tickets and 2018 Ronald Acuna Jr./Gleeber Torres bonus tickets.

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

Another thing to note is that with the boxed set of All-Star games that first came out, the rookie bonus cards were not highlighted, which is against tradition.

Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Box

As for the rookie trade changes, additional cards appear in all cello pack formats. Boxes do this specifically so there is no confusion. For some reason, the back says “Chrome” under the card number instead of “Complete Sets”.

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

After that, the actual Chrome extensions are specific to the target group. All the cards seem to be reversed.

These also have matching refractor lines, including Gold (#/50 – 1:134 boxes), Orange (#/25 – 1:265 boxes), Red (#/5 – 1:1, 281 boxes) and Superrefractor (1 / 1 – 1:6, 403 boxes).

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

Topps Series 2 Baseball Hobby Box

Terry is a lifelong sports fan. He is a big fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as football, college basketball and college football. As a child he collected football and basketball cards. In recent years, he quickly began collecting basketball cards again and expanded to other sports and entertainment options. One of the best things about this release is the rush to identify included variants to add to their collections. To help you connect, we offer our guide to the 2022 Topps Series 1 variations.

For many of the cards in the Topps 2022 set, Topps has created shorter versions with different front images. A variant can be a different picture of the original player or a picture of a great player from the past, who usually plays on the same team as the player on the base card.

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

The 2022 flagships come in three varieties, Short Print (SP), Super Short Print (SSP) and Super Short Print (SSSP). As the names suggest, each variation is rarer than the previous level.

Hottest Julio Rodriguez Prospect And Rookie Cards

So, card #1 in this set, Shohei Ohtani, has a base card as well as SP and SSP versions with different images of Ohtani.

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2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

Meanwhile, card #4 in this set is Travis D’Arnaud’s base card, but it’s an SSP version featuring Yankees legend Lou Gehrig.

Card #42 has Mitch Moreland on the base card but with an SP and another SSP with Jackie Robinson.

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

Topps Archives Baseball Variations Checklist, Gallery, Codes

Your chances of withdrawing the difference vary depending on whether you buy hobby or jumbo packs, with better odds on jumbo packs.

Note that SSSP opportunities are only offered for jumbo packages. As of this writing, it is unknown if SSSPs are exclusive to Jumbo Packs or are or will be available in other ways.

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

So, how do you know if you’ve spotted the difference? On the back of the card, in the bottom center next to the address, you will find the text CODE#CMP and the number.

Topps Distribution Changes And Tim Banazek On His Huge Card Collection

If you hold a basic card, the text will end with 543. Short Print (SP) will end with 560. Super Short Print (SSP) will end at 561, and Ultra Short (SSSP) will end at 562.

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

Vlad Guerrero Jr. is SP. You can tell by the lower code ending in 560. Find more SP on eBay.

To avoid checking the code on every card: keep a list of variables handy when opening packs.

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

Topps Series 1 Baseball Variations Checklist Guide, Gallery, Ssp List

1 Shohei Ohtani – Los Angeles Angels 6 Jazz Chisholm Jr. – Miami Marlins 8 Xander Bogaerts – Boston Red Sox 12 Gavin Sheets – Chicago White Sox 21 Shane Bieber – Cleveland Guardians 23 Derek Jeter – New York Yankees 25 Vidal Bruian – 27 Tampa Bay Mike Trout – Los Angeles Angels 30 Kyle Mueller – Atlanta Braves 31 Matt Manning – Detroit Tigers 35 Gerrit Cole – New York Yankees 41 Clayton Kershaw – Los Angeles Dodgers 42 Jackie Robinson – Brooklyn Dodgers 43 Josiah Gray – Washington Nationals Bats Mookie Dodge Rays 56 Kybrian Hayes Pittsburgh Pirates 64 Tim Anderson – Chicago White Sox 68 Bergman – Houston Astros 80 Mitch Heniger – Seattle Mariners 83 Will Smith – Los Angeles Dodgers 85 Rodolfo Castro – Pittsburgh Pirates 86 Kris Bryant – 7 Sen Francisco Giants Arenado – St.

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103 Mike Jastrzemski – San Francisco Giants 103/246 Willie Mays – San Francisco Giants 107 Lewis Robert – Chicago White Sox 126 Beau Bichette – Toronto Blue Jays 131 Lewis Gill – New York Yankees 135 Chas McCormick – Houston Astros 149 Matt Soto – 15 OHL Washington Nationals 152 Austin Meadows – Tampa Bay Rays 176 Matt Chapman – Oakland Athletics 180 J.T. Realmuto – Philadelphia Phillies 182 JD Martinez – Boston Red Sox 185 Ken Griffey Jr. – Seattle Mariners 186 Jake Burger – Chicago White Sox 187 Jaren Duran – Boston Red Sox 194 Miguel Cabrera – Detroit Tigers 196 Randy Aruzarna – Tampa Bay Rays 200 – Atlanta Braves 201 Reid Detmers – Los Angeles Angels 205 Molina. Kansas City Royals 2 – Atlanta Braves 236 Freddie Freeman – Atlanta Braves 237 Albert Pujols – Los Angeles Dodgers

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

242 Anthony Rizzo – New York Yankees 243 Brandon Marsh – Los Angeles Angels 245 Whit Merrifield – Kansas City Royals 269 – Cleveland Guardians 277 Cal Raleigh – Seattle Mariners 278 Jose Altove – Houston Astros 285 Roberto Clemente – Pittsburgh 90 Pittsburgh 90 Pittsburgh Pirate Joey Votto – Cincinnati Reds 297 Hun-90 Blue Toronto 290 Blue Toronto 290 Blue Toronto 290 Blue Ryu Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Singles Showcase Image Gallery: 2007 Topps Derek Jeter & Jeter Bush/mantle Variations

1 Shohei Ohtani – Los Angeles Angels 4 Lou Gehrig – New York Yankees 23 Derek Jeter – New York Yankees 27 Mike Trout – Los Angeles Angels 35 Harit Cole – New York Yankees 41 Clayton Kershaw – Los Angeles Angels Dodgers New York Yankees 50 Mookie Betts Los Angeles Dodgers 51 Nolan Ryan – Houston

2023 Topps Opening Day Variations

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