September 24, 2023

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

2023 Presidents Day Challenge – The third Monday in February is upon us, and you’re probably looking for new, fun Presidents Day ideas for kids to use in your classroom. Schools may be closed that day—it’s a federal holiday—but the days before and after the holiday offer plenty of opportunities to teach elementary school students about American history, American forms of government, and the commander-in-chief. who formed our nation.

Don’t know where to start? We know you’ve got your hands full in February with cold and flu weather, the holidays, and more, so the TeachStarter team of educators has put together a whole host of teaching resources to make President’s Day more than just an afterthought. The series is held together – School Weekends. ,

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

Before we talk about our favorite ideas for celebrating Presidents Day with kids in the classroom, we need to address the big question we always ask before discussing this topic with our students: Why?

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While some districts encourage teachers to incorporate the federal holiday into the curriculum, others leave it more open. We’ve found that spending some time talking about Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and why the date isn’t really about the sales pitch can be beneficial for kids of all ages. in social science.

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

Presidents Day lessons are part of developing a common understanding among children about the office of the President and why it is so important. These lessons can set the stage for their active participation as citizens, making them more likely to see voting as a civic duty and an important part of their role as Americans.

Learning about presidents helps children understand the principles and values ​​that guide the nation, as well as the challenges and decisions presidents face. Kids may also be interested in the stories and accomplishments of presidents or why they hold such powerful and influential positions.

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

Presidents’ Day Technically Only Celebrates One President

America’s children have positive attitudes toward the president — regardless of party — and politicians who have studied how children think about politics have found this to be consistent over the past five decades. In fact, their focus is not on the person in the office, but primarily on the office itself, and this is undoubtedly related to the important work of teachers.

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Before you welcome your students to the holiday, give them a chance to explore the themes of this important day with fun and engaging classroom activities! Whether you’re looking for something more serious or light, we have everything you need to help your students on this big day.

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

Franklin Delano Roosevelt became the only US president to serve more than two terms – paving the way for what we now know as “term limits” in America. To learn about his presidency and the work of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, take a virtual (and free) tour of this historic presidential official home in New York State.

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Looking for more free virtual tours for your classroom? We have! Discuss the Declaration of Independence

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

The Declaration of Independence may have been written before we became president, but it was originally drafted by President Thomas Jefferson, who was in office, and signed by both him and future President John Adams.

You can start by introducing the concept of independence and what it means to be a sovereign nation. Discuss why the colonists wanted to break away from British rule and explain the concepts of natural rights in the Declaration of Independence, including “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

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Finally, discuss the role of the Declaration of Independence in the Revolutionary War. Explain how it served as a statement to justify the colonists’ grievances against the British government and their desire for independence.

There are tons of interesting children’s books about presidents, from books about the real people who lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (or the former home of the Commander-in-Chief) or children’s books about presidents. Does your school have student government? Take time to chat and connect with the President’s Day theme with some books for kids about presidents and their days:

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

After reading, have each student create their own President’s Mini-Book! You can print the Thomas Jefferson template here! Learn how coins are created

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For most kids, the closest they get to the President of the United States is seeing his face on their money. But what about the president’s face on the coin? And how are coins made?

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2023 Presidents Day Challenge

Learn about our coins with a virtual tour of the US Mint to see how money is made. Lesson “How to choose images for coins?” Consider supplementing with listening. Episodes of the popular kids’ podcast But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids.

Extend money-based lessons by adding opportunities to design your own coins for a President’s Day activity, or save these sheets for financial literacy lessons any time of year. Analyze a dollar bill with your class and then let them take ownership by designing their own currency. Your kids can also design and draw coin designs.

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

Presidents’ Day 2023 Ideas For Teachers That Go Beyond Washington + Lincoln

Give science class a President’s Day flavor with a coin toss experience. Collect pennies (with Washington’s face, of course) and nickels (Jefferson’s profile), as well as water, vinegar, ketchup, and soda, to determine which chemical reaction works best for cleaning coins.

Students can predict which substances will do the best job of cleaning coins and why by experimenting, observing, and of course recording their results.

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

Flex your fine motor muscles with this white house building task designed for the elementary set! This President’s Day activity for preschool or kindergarten includes a free download of the president’s home, and kids can add some creativity to the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue version.

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If there was a better holiday to teach kids the importance of using proper apostrophes, this is it! Although not officially Presidents Day, it is widely recognized that every president from President George Washington to President Joe Biden celebrates the third Monday in February.

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

Do you discuss grammar in class? Use this opportunity to discuss how placing an apostrophe after the “s” in presidents changes the meaning of the holiday.

Older students can benefit from completing a research project on a biography of a president of their choice! why us

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

Essential Rules Of Challenge Coin Etiquette

Worksheets are perfect for writing centers to encourage students to think creatively as writers and think about the world around them. Students can think about what they would do if they were president of the United States or president of a local school government association. Will they change? What will they try to do even if they fail? This worksheet can work well in the context of helping your students develop a growth mindset.

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This President’s Day writing center activity can be used as a research prompt. This is a great way to examine how other presidents throughout history have helped the United States grow.

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

There’s no reason to talk about the election with your class until November—in fact, conversations around Presidents Day tend to be a little more heated than conversations with parents. Election Day. Use this less politically charged time of year to talk about the election process and have a mock election in your classroom!

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Begin your President’s Day lesson with a brief discussion of some important vocabulary in American history, from “democracy” to “Mount Vernon.” our

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

The resource contains over 55 vocabulary cards. Create a President’s Day word wall chart in your classroom to help engage your students during the day.

Maybe you’ve seen this collection of fun zentangle art resources including penguins and snowmen? Hiding in the mix is ​​the perfect President’s Day craft: The

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

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Help develop a sense of patriotism in your students with these fun motor activities. Students can draw lines and patterns to decorate Uncle Sam before cutting and pasting the template onto colored construction paper.

Bonus: Teach your students about the origin of the name Uncle Sam and introduce them to the real-life Samuel Wilson, aka “Uncle Sam.” Learn the history of President’s Day

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

You can’t introduce Presidents Day in the classroom without sharing this Presidents Day educational presentation. This slideshow will introduce your readers to the history of Presidents’ Day through today. This would also be a great resource to share with any homeschoolers.

President’s Innovation Challenge

Except for the founders and Americans

2023 Presidents Day Challenge

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